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Repetetive Strain Injury (RSI)

prevent but very hard to cure. To prevent RSI you should take some extra precautions: break up your typing with frequent rests, preferably a 1 minute break every 20 minutes. The palms of your hands sh ... to your keyboard and your forearms should be horizontal. Your wrists should be flat and level while typing. Having a chair with armsrests might be one of the most helpful things to maintain a healthy ...

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The glass menagerie scene 1 journal entry character-laura

her came home she was very upset. At first I had no idea why but when she ripped up the paper I was typing and informed she she went to see my typing teacher that day, I figured out what she was ranti ... lectured me about responsibility, I really did try to explain to her why I just could not go to the typing class anymore. She could not understand. She also was not very pleased when I told her I went ...

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History Of Guin

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Word processing

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