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The Peresopnytsya Gospel

The Peresopnytsya Gospel, a magnificently decorated Ukrainian illuminated manuscript that survives from the 16th century, is a book containing the four ... Gospel. The Peresopnytsya Gospel is a translation from Old Church Slavonic into the vernacular Old Ukrainian language. The translation began in a town called Peresopnytsya located between Rivne and L ... ry in Kyiv. It is intricately decorated with red, black and gold patterns that are quite similar to Ukrainian embroidery; the floral patterns and acanthus leaves are its most prominent feature (Sokolo ...

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Rukh-People's Movement of Ukraine

this time, there were many informals which were organizations not legally sanctioned that supported Ukrainian national causes. The number of such organizations grew dramatically at this time, and in U ... use of the Russian language? Why do Russians want to make us forget our own history and our heroes? Ukrainians must know their history and live accordingly, instead of living by the stereotypes spun b ...

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