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The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

ten is it that the reader will take into consideration the men who actually fought the war. For the Union soldiers, it was a war fought for freedom of all men, while on the other hand, for the Confede ... obert E. Lee leads a confident, Confederate Army north into Pennsylvania, in hopes of defeating the Union Army by provoking it into an attack. Colonel Joshua Chamberlain leads a desperate charge of th ...

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"Killer Angels" written by Michael Shaara

history The Battle of Gettysburg and many more. It begins when the Confederates are afraid that the Union soldiers are moving too close to their camp so they decide to move closer to a town called Get ... march with them that they have to be shot so that they won't go and work for the Confederates. The Union General John Buford gets to Gettysburg first so that they can establish the high ground first. ...

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Comparison of patriotism between Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge of Courage" and George Parsons Lathrup's poem titled "Keenan's Charge".

ter 23 of Crane's The Red Badge of Courage and Lathrup's Keenan's Charge the soldiers described are union soldiers from the civil war. Lathrup mentions, "their coats of blue and yellow" (Lathrup II), ... ilarity is that both charges were made as a last resort. In both Crane's and Lathrup's stories, the union troops were in a position where their only choices were charge or die. The differences ...

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The Killer Angels

vel starts out when Harrison, a Confederate spy, reports to James Longstreet that 80,000 to 100,000 Union soldiers have marched within 200 miles of Lee's position near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Harr ... 00 miles of Lee's position near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Harrison also bears news of a change in Union leadership. Major General George Meade had replaced "Fighting Joe" Hooker as commander of the ...

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Civil war

sualties due to illness and disease. "Disease was responsible for the death of more Union Soldiers than were the Confederates.Nearly sixty percent of the Federal deaths in the war were ...

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Imagine that you have served as a common soldier in the Confederate Army from 1861 to 1865.

...April 11, 1861, the Confederate General Beauregard asked Maj. Anderson, commander of the Union troops at Fort Sumter, to evacuate. Beauregard told the Union major we would start our attack ... :30 the next morning, 43 of us gathered around Fort Sumter and started to fire. After two hours the Union soldiers began an attempt to fire back at us. Throughout the entire three days that the battle ...

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Did Baldy Ewell lose the Battle of Gettysburg

d States and led to other racial revolutions around the world. The Civil War was fought to hold the union together but Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in the United States. Th ... y to help maintain its economy. In order to save the Southern economy, the South succeeded from the Union. However, the North didn't allow the South to succeed because cotton and tobacco were valuable ...

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An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

s. He sees himself escaping after the rope snaps and swimming in the creek while dodging shots from Union soldiers making his way home. At the moment of his arrival, his neck snaps for us to discover ...

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Summer Reading For History: Truman By: David McCullough

ok reoport at our school summer reading for history: Truman by: David McCullough Pgs 30-31 "Lane [a union general] and his Kansans [the union soldiers] proceeded to shoot four hundred Hampshire hogs [ ...

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Antitam (The Bloodiest Day)

ay battle between 41,000 Confederate soldiers under the command of General Robert E. Lee and 87,000 Union soldiers commanded by General George B. McClellan. The stage was set when Lee undertook an inv ... y the 27th 10 am Sergeant John M. Bloss and Corporal Barton W. Mitchell from the 27th Indiana n the Union army, were lounging in the grass of an old Confederate camp site. Mitchell caught sight of som ...

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Union Artillery

pieced it all together. I finally put it together into a final summary and made various charts.The Union army consisted of many different weapons. The Union Soldiers would use everything from flesh t ... at could fire a whopping 5,000 yards. The weapons were used for both strategy and plain savage War. Union Submarines had turrets and cannons that were used to destroy Confederate ships like the C.S.S. ...

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the high ground from the battle tired Federals . Gen. Ewell hesitated to attack thereby giving the Union troops a chance to dig in along Cemetery Ridge and bring in reinforcements with artillery. By ... and thought it was an ideal place to do battle with the Rebel army. He expected a massive number of Union soldiers totaling up to 100,000to arrive and strengthen his defensive position.Confederate Gen ...

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Stonewall Jackson

tually win. In 1862, in the Shenandoah valley Jackson earned international fame by defeating 60,000 Union soldiers with only 17,000 troops. After the campaign ended he went to help Robert E. Lee in Ri ... d Fredericksburg.Jackson fought his greatest battle in May 1863. He and his Second Corps struck the Union from behind near Chancellorsville and defeated them. At nightfall is when tragedy struck. In t ...

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Prison Camps In The Civil War

Prison Camps Many soldiers, both Confederate and Union soldiers, were captured and put into prison camps. Prison camps became packed with soldiers. T ... This left the living conditions horrible. Southern prison camps, in most cases, were just as bad as Union prison camps. However, food shortages in the South made prison conditions especially harsh. Tw ... ginally the camp was designed to hold 10,000 prisoners, but by August 1864 it held well over 33,000 Union soldiers. Diseases, malnutrition, and lack of medical care killed them by the thousands. By th ...

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The Outlaw Josie Wales

ut an adrenaline rush. Wales, a farmer during the Civil War, sees his family murdered by a group of Union soldiers. His first action is to join a group of guerrilla-like men whose mission is to hunt d ...

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The Beginnings of the American Red Cross

with Senator Henry Wilson of Massachusetts. After the civil war began, Clara felt a calling to aid Union soldiers. She gave care to them on and off of the battlefield. Clara became known as the "Ange ...

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The Massacre at Fort Pillow: Holding Nathan Bedford Forrest Accountable

ted some of the Confederate atrocities at Fort Pillow, most modern sources agree that a massacre of Union troops took place there on April 12, 1864. It seems clear that Union soldiers, particularly bl ... ort Pillow, Tennessee, which sat on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, had been held by the Union for two years. It was garrisoned by 580 men, 292 of them from United States Colored Heavy and ...

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