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Citizen Participation and the Roadless Areas Initiative (This may also fall under 'Forestry')

tive, it restricts road building and development in approximately 58.5 million acres of inventoried United States Forest Service (USFS) roadless areas, roughly one third of all NFS lands. Before the R ...

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Forest Fire: Help or Harm?

is question had become much more publicized due to the catastrophic fires that broke out across the United States. The answer to this question has been debated many times. Should nature be allowed to ... rom forests devastates long-term forest health, firefighters still extinguish almost all fires. The United States Forest Service and the United States Congress have been working together to find a way ...

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Forest Fires - A Burning Issue

ther to "control" fires will continue to be a "burning issue."The use of fire in the forests of the United States has come full cycle. Early settlers found Indians using fire in virgin pine stands. Th ... ldlife species and manage competing vegetation.Fire creates plant and animal habitat throughout the United States. There is no question that many ecosystems would not exist in the absence of fire.We m ...

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Biltmore house

rtunately died a couple of years later from an appendectomy. His widow sold most of the land to the United States Forest Service. Vanderbilt's grandson, William Cecil now owns the Biltmore estates, bu ...

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Spotted Owls, Loggers, and Old-Growth Forests

is a nocturnal bird with a 2 foot wingspan and weighing approximately two pounds. The owl lives in forests between British Columbia and San Francisco and prefers old growth forests. Old growth forest ... and San Francisco and prefers old growth forests. Old growth forests are over 200 years old. These forests have a complex ecosystem with larger trees than younger forests. The canopy these larger tre ...

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Book Review - Khademian - "Working with Culture"

a merit-based type of management for administration that allows for performance measurement. As she states: "As the endless efforts to restructure government and individual programs suggest, attention ...

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Fires In Montanq

ar this year some 73,000 blazes have burned 6.3 million acres 2 million in Montana and Idaho alone. States like Oregon, Washington, and California are just now entering the height of their fire season ... er Chuck Keegan added that thousands of loggers and log movers there have had to take jobs in other states, join fire lines, or simply be unemployed.The fires have also had an impact on tourism in the ...

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ddot; Minimize loss of life and property In short, these images were invaluable to the U.S. Forest Service when it comes to managing forest lands and emergency situations.

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it is almost impossible to imagine that the beautiful environment could foster such a deadly fire.A forest fire is a terrifying sight. Flames and sparks leap from tree to tree igniting almost anything ... They are a natural phenomenon that natural communities have adapted to over periods of time. When a forest fire starts, the temperatures can rise to more than 1800 degrees F.The speed at which the fir ...

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Fire 2

of a policy of deliberate burning as a management tool has a fascinating history, especially in the United States Forest Service, but the ecological effects of prescribing a fixed burning regime on la ... ns (Deaths per 100,000 pop.) (Payne, 1989, 56) Nation 1974 1976-78 Latest Report Canada 3.6 3.2 2.9 United States 2.9 2.9 2.8 Sweden 1.6 1.5 1.6 Japan 1.5 -------- 1.5 United Kingdom 1.5 1.5 1.5 Franc ...

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Mountain Top Mining And The Law

W. T. MOBIL HOME COMMUNITY HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION, Plaintiffs, v.UNITED STATES FOREST SERVICE Defendants.I. BACKGROUND This case involves the proposed issuing of per ... he Clean Water Act ?makes it unlawful to discharge a pollutant from a point source to waters of the United States without NPDES Permit.It is also recognized by the Court that Capitator Coal Company mu ... is also recognized by the Court that Capitator Coal Company must acquire a Lease Contract from the United States Forest Service. This lease contract would obligate the Coal Company to reclaim the sit ...

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An Analysis of Technical Writing

In the Journal of Forestry article, "Fuel Treatments at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Common Concerns in Diverse Regio ... Christine Vogt, and Jeremy S. Fried, variables associated with public acceptance and beliefs about forest fuel management strategies are examined. The use of six open-ended questions, where the quest ... rgument begins with the assumption that their audience believes a lack of public acceptance hinders forest fuel management:Fuel reduction has the best chance of success if managers understand the fact ...

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Wild Fires: Are They Beneficial to the Enviornment

the west. Some people blame the drought on warming sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic. States like Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and South Dakota all had a ... ose who live in these areas is make sure that fire vehicles can get to your home. Peter O. Whiteley states, " If wildfires threaten, firefighters will try to reduce damage around your home". Clearly m ...

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Superior Bottled water

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