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The connection between entrepreneurship and small business.

y to paint a picture of New Zealand?s entrepreneurs on the base of survey that has been held in the University of Otago. There were 308 business founders from throughout New Zealand in this survey. Th ...

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The Social Shaping of Technology

Studies of the social shaping of technology (SST) show that technology does not develop according to an inte ... rding to an internal technical logic but is instead a social invention, propelled by the conditions of its creation and use. Every stage in the generation and implementation of new technologies involv ... s involves a set of choices between different technical options. Beside technical concerns, a range of social factors affect which options are selected, thus influencing the content of technologies an ...

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sts, the trustees of the charitable trust Gamma Foundation, have recently donated $1 million to the University of Otago, to help establish Legal Issue Centre, New Zealand first research centre focusin ... ery unsatisfactory." They also have been influenced by High Court Judge, Justice John Hansen at the University of Otago last year in a public lecture, where Justice Hansen said he believe that New Zea ...

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components of human society

EI. Adaptive StrategiesA. Yehudi Cohen used the term adaptive strategy to describe a group's system of economic production.B. Cohen has developed a typology of cultures using this distinction, referri ... uing that the most important reason for similarities between unrelated cultures is their possession of a similar adaptive strategy.II. ForagingA. Human groups with foraging economies are not ecologica ...

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