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"All quiet on the western front" about World War I.

e are changed by it. The main character is Paul, who is the leader of a group of 19-year-old former university students. As we watch the film we can clearly see how his attitude towards the war and be ... just wanting to survive until the war is over.When Paul goes to war he is only a nineteen-year-old university student. He is used to living with his family and attending university just like the othe ...

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A report on a few different feild in radiological jobs in mississippi.

r colleges only offer an associates degree, in order to get a bachelors, one would have to attend a university. Students interested in radiological technology should take courses in algebra, biology, ...

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Living on Campus vs. Home. This is a persuasive essay stating why it's better to live on campus and why it's better to live at home.

Living on Campus vs. HomeWhen attending a college or university, students can either decide if they would like to live on or off campus. This decision al ... de if they would like to live on or off campus. This decision all depends on how far the college or university is located from home. This is a major decision the student must make. Living on campus is ...

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Stricter controls, punishments and better influences from the adult community are needed to prevent students from justifying cheating.

community are needed to prevent students from justifying cheating.According to a recent study into University Students (700 from Monash University), 80% of Undergraduate students are cheating in one ...

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Computers and Education

over, computers make an important contribution to the education. They are widely used by school and university students and by students who study at home.Computers may be very helpful for learning mos ...

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Current Views of Univerity Sport and its Athlete

Present views of university sport and its athlete's academic achievements are usually negative. The media constantly ... e of the "dumb jock"(Funk, 1991, p.14) , and society buys into it. Although society generally views university sport as having a negative effect on the academic performance of student athletes, studie ... nt athletes, studies done in Canada and the United States show the exact opposite. Participation of university students in sport has a positive effect on the level of their academic achievements.Altho ...

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Classroom struggle: school's out for peace, unity and social justice (article published in the Sydney Morning Herald)

It was the beginning of an international youth movement against war on Iraq. High school students, university students and other young people united to take a message loud and clear to world leaders: ... to stop.Many students remarked to me during the day that they had never seen anything like it. One University of Sydney student put it this way: "There are two superpowers in the world today - the US ...

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Social desirability and the manipulation of self-concepts. How the pressures of others can contribute to a shift in self image.

the desire to be more like others is enough for us to make subtle changes to our self-concept. 102 university students were each assigned to one of two groups. Each group was informed that either ext ... be relatively malleable (Kunda, Sanitioso and Fong 1990). The example used in their study involved university students and their desire for success. Subjects were told that either introversion or ext ...

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Social Facilitation of Complex Tasks: A Comparison of Zajonc's Drive Theory and Cottrell's Evaluation-Apprehension Theory

behaviours. The aim of this experiment was to challenge Zajonc's theory. This study encompassed ten University students and ten teachers and examined the effect of an Attentive Audience condition comp ... en, mean age = 26years). All volunteered to participate in this study. Ten of the participants were university students. Five of these were of Asian decent where English was not their native language. ...

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The struggle against Indorayon in Indonesia

atra. Demonstrations have hampered production since mid-June. Hundreds of local people supported by university students and members of environmental groups had blocked roads leading to PT IIU's mill, ...

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Motivation Behind the Unification of Germany in 1871

1816, they had become established in Germany in the form of the Burschenschaften , a fraternity of university students from the various german states, who were attempting to persuade their respective ...

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Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman - Marginalization of Women

rs. Its impact on our society has been so great that students, ranging from high school students to university students study Death of a Salesman and attempt to interpret its message. After reading th ...

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Group Norms.

Matthew J. Hornsey; Louise Majkut; Deborah J. Terry and Blake M. McKimmieof the University of Queensland, performed two conformity experiments on universitystudents. These experime ... ere done too measure the influence of group norms onstudent's attitudes.Experiment one involved 205 university students who rated themselves as beingpro-gay law reform. The students were given numerou ... sfelt that conformity would occur with willingness to display public support.In experiment two, 110 University of Queensland students stated that they were infavor of a government apology to Aborigine ...

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Argumentative essay dedicated to the parking situation at a growing university

Parking - Another Stress for University Students"They paved paradiseAnd put up a parking lot"- JONI MITCHELL, Big Yellow Taxi (19 ... so driving is the only alternative (Delmonte).In a recent issue of "The Lantern" ****'s approaching university status was discussed. The concern of students, staff and faculty for expanding classes wa ... 20 years ago (Naughton, Raymond & Crowley 60). The influx of students caused by ****'s proposed university status will not generate more students living closer to ****'s campus, but more students ...

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In the extract from the book "4 hours" in "My Lai" by Michael Bilton, what does he tell us about the American Army in Vietnam?

ause the draft itself was unfair as rich families could send their children abroad to escape it and university students could opt to continue their studies. This led to most draftees being poor and un ...

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Binge Drinking

Abstract:This paper will discuss 'binge drinking' in University Students, the major influences, both social and personal, on the frequency and quantity o ... ocial outings (parties, celebrations) where alcohol is provided or available.The frequency at which University Students drink is quite alarming, heavy drinkers consume large quantities of alcohol as o ... rinking more often or in larger quantities than anyone else in the group (Ham and Hope, 2003).Often University students that binge, have the intention to get drunk, after all it is a 'University Tradi ...

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How did the civil rights movement and anti-Vietnam campaigns impact society and law enforcement during the 1960s and 1970s?

Starting with the Free Speech Movement in 1964, college and university students massed in numbers to speak about their rights and what they wanted to see done i ...

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Why did Tsarism Survive the Revolutionary Crisis of 1905?

problems of Russian society caused general unrest within the peasantry and working class as well as university students. The demonstration of Bloody Sunday ended in chaos after the failure of the army ...

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MANAGING STRESS for Management skills subject

hen they are facing particular circumstances. This report will examine on how Managing Stress helps university students, like me, through its specific techniques, in order to avoid stress and therefor ... ow in love is special indeed but the demands of a relationship are strong, and in the presence of a university environment, relationships are under a lot of pressure. If and when the relationship ends ...

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Springtime of the Peoples 1848 - describe

vident throughout these revolutions.(2) This cycle had four distinctive stages: First, the workers, university students, and other revolutionaries agitated for change. Next, the revolutionaries revolt ... so. Conservative minister Prince Klemens von Metternich was forced to resign when demonstrations by university students and workers broke out. However, the tide soon turned when differences among the ...

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