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Commercial vices - gambling, prostitution, and drugs

nizations are expensive, unsuccessful, and often corrupt.Two commercial vices have been accepted as unstoppable, butthere evils have been minimized by legalization and regulation. These are theparticu ... afia ranthe numbers rackets and secret games and the bookmaking where law abiding citizensdid their unstoppable gambling. Now governments run lotteries and license and supervisecasinos so the gangster ...

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Does Microsoft Have Too Much Power?

ith an innovative new operating system known as OS/2, but will they have a chance? Microsoft may be unstoppable with its foundation, influence and power but is that enough to practically own the compu ...

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Their Finest Hour/Battle of Britain

ble German military machine.In the Summer of 1940 it was easy to view the German armed forces as an unstoppable juggernaut. The Germans won a quick victory in Poland, and went on to occupy Norway and ...

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Reoccurrences of Death in Emily DIckenson's Writings

from most views of death being brutal and cruel. The theme of the poem is that death is natural and unstoppable for everybody, but at the same time giving comfort that it is not the end of a soul's jo ...

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The Lexus and the Olive tree, by Thomas Firedman. A summary on the importance and unimportance of Globalization in the world along with examples and quotes.

n's thesis is that globalization is the new international system that has replaced the Cold War. Theunstoppable technologies of the author's globalization are computerization and the Internet. With mo ...

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Does Television Influence Children To Be Violent?

d have then tried it in their own backyards with friends and family members. This process is almost unstoppable. Parents are not always there to surveillance what their children watch on the televisio ...

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Critical Analysis on Sonnet 12, "Shakespeare's Sonnets", by William Shakespeare

nnets.Time is omnipresent in everyone's life, just passing and passing inexorably, relentlessly, so unstoppable. It is a universal problem : people have always been very worried about time, trying to ...

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A partially true story about a Safari encounter I had

meat cold, and you have the Outback X3, the only vehicle you could ever need. It was like a tank - unstoppable, but 50 times faster. On long stretches, it could easily hit 180, 200 mph. The Outback s ...

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Aids Epidemic.

. Not only is AIDS a relatively new disease (at least to the United States) it is a disease that is unstoppable right now due to the lack of conquering research. I believe that it is one of the most h ...

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"Because I Could Not Stop for Death" by Emily Dickinson and "I Heard A Fly Buzz-When I Died".

, Dickinson makes death seem passive and easy.The theme of the poem being that death is natural and unstoppable for everybody, but at the same time giving comfort that it is not the end of a soul's jo ...

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"We have gone too far." Is this a fair statement about our progress in biotechnology?

ogy using modern technology. We live in a world where science is advancing so rapidly that it seems unstoppable. Developments in biotechnology have sparked off many controversial debates, and until no ...

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Hannibal: A Man In Rome About Hannibal Barca.

Romans did not take it lightly. In the battles with Rome Hannibal was cunning, smart, and seemingly unstoppable; he slaughtered the Romans. One day, a general faced Hannibal and beat him; this general ...

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The Lord of the Flies and The Roman Catholic Church

irst fire, to make their shelter, and to gather for group meetings. But flaws that were present was unstoppable, and it was the human nature of the young boys. The society started to decline as the da ...

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Interpretation of 'The Door,' Miroslav Holub

change can go both unnoticed and easily seen. The most significant thing about change is that it is unstoppable. No one can escape it, prevent it, live without it or go a day without experiencing it. ...

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The Decline of Rome

What were the most important reasons for the decline of the Roman Empire? Why?The seemingly unstoppable Roman Empire was bound to fall after the many aspects that made Rome such a dominant emp ...

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The movement of professional jobs to India and China

dvantages will weigh over the disadvantages when outsourcers manage some relative problems properly.Unstoppable Overseas OutsourcingOver time outsourcing started with blue-collar jobs such as manufact ... sfer their high-cost professional jobs to low-cost countries. As a matter of fact, this movement is unstoppable because more and more companies of other developed countries such as UK and Japan are do ...

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When did Hitler lose the chance to win the war?

Adolf Hitler lost the chance of winning the war he started. Let's see...In the summer of 1944, with unstoppable massive forces of the western allies pushing from west and unstoppable massive soviet fo ... 's a good starting point. Now let's step back in time.In mid-1944, before D-Day, Russia was already unstoppable, even without an invasion of France. The part of the western allies was of course very s ...

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Flyeing in love forever

in a simultaneous nod and a shared wink. We had many small fights but in all our glory we could be unstoppable. That much we knew. My enthusiasm and her beauty made us a deadly combination. The self- ...

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The battlefield equipment and tactics at the time of the Norman Invasion of England.

had no experience facing the armored shock of a cavalry charge. Which in favorable terrain could be unstoppable. Mounted knights added a new variable to the battlefield, and after the battle of Hastin ...

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An Event That Changed my Life.

wer forward, my main man Jeff Willis playing the center, and I played the 2 guard. Together we were unstoppable; we owned the gym. If there ever was a high school dream team we were it. I couldn't fin ...

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