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The situation of our nation

wo-hundred billion to four-hundred billion. Total household debt has soared to 93% of annual income.USA Today has reported that for the last five years, finances have been the number one subject of mo ... y-three million Discover cards, over twenty-six million Sears cards with more than seven hundred thousand applications per month. In 1994 Sears made more money on credit cards than they did on the sal ...

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It's a story about "The Necklace," written by Maupassant. I got an A on the paper.

The NecklaceIn an article from USA TODAY, Andrea Yates had everything she could want, a loving husband and five children. Yates had ... dreams and longs for more then she has. Yates also wanted as many children as "nature would allow, (USA TODAY)." I think that if Mathilde lived today you could compare her with Yates. I think that Mat ... dearly for it, (Sosnof)."Works CitedParker, Laura. 'Psychotic,' but is Andrea Yates legally insane? USA TODAY: Tuesday, September 11, 2001.Roberts, Edgar V. and Henry E. Jacobs. Literature: An Introdu ...

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Rhtorical Analysis of "Disasters at Clubs" By Fred Bayles and Rick Hampson.

nalysis of "Disasters at Clubs""Disasters at clubs" by Fred Bayles and Rick Hampson appeared in the USA TODAY on February 24, 2003, on the cover as part of a two page article on tragedies at clubs. IN ... t clubs repeat their tragic history.Bayles and Hampson's article is part of a bigger section in the USA TODAY about the current state of club security and inspections. There is always a chance for tra ...

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divorce and its effects on children

uest, a program offered to us complimentary of the school, and came up with a 9 year old article in USA Today, "Minimizing the Effects of Divorce on Kids", (May, 1996). What do I expect to gain by com ... day more than 1,000,000 kids experience a divorce every year in the United States alone (taken from USA Today). Many children live in single parent families, which results in a decrease of income. Rem ...

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Illicit Drugs: Bringin Down Our Youth.

s only four percent of the world's population, yet we consume sixty-five percent of the hard drugs (USA Today, 2002). Every year more young people are exposed to and are using drugs. These drugs seeme ... r", and "Mary Jane" is the most widely used drug and the number one cash crop in the United States (USA Today, 2002). The youth of today should be more educated as to the side effects of smoking, but ...

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Emmitt Smith.

ther couple years.Emmitt Smith grew up and went to school in Escambia, Florida. Parade Magazine and USA Today predicted Emmitt to be a prep Player of the Year and All-America running back as a senior ... a music festival in Aruba. Pat Smith is a former Miss Virginia who was the 1993 runner-up for Miss USA. Her attractiveness instantly caught Smith's eye, and the two began dating long-distance immedia ...

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Is capital punishment an option.

e death penalty on crime figures in Britain before and after 1965, when it was abolished and in the USA today.One of the main arguments against the death penalty was that it is unreasonable to ask som ...

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Internet Seach Engines

In an article from USA Today's technology section, columnist Jefferson Graham writes about a woman named Susan Wojcicki ... yed a part in the creation of, one of the largest search engines on the Internet today. Susan doesn't have much to do with the story, other than the fact that she rented a room to Larry Pag ... engine in just 5 years, and looks to keep its crown for the next five, and, News, USA Today, Technology, Columnist- Jefferson Graham

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Critizing the islamic faith.

e that the major advertisers of the website are: Century 21, Harley Davidson, some community banks, USA Today, and a health service. The whole Harley Davidson concept is "this is American as it can ge ...

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National Waiting List

n to enter the United States to receive medical care, some still enter illegally. In an article in USA Today, the Santillan family, illegal Mexican immigrants, entered the country to allow Jesica, th ...

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Child Abuse...... is it allowed?

their children because society accepts the practice as justifiable behavior for adults. In the 1994 USA Today / CNN Gallup Poll, 67 percent of American adults agreed with this statement " It is someti ...

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Who opposes gay marriage

defining marriage by court order, the only alternative will be the constitutional process."(qtd. in USA Today). As Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, this quote launched a nati ... sexuality were inherently wrong or violated their religious beliefs.In a recent Gallup Poll done by USA TODAY/CNN/ a majority of Americans favor legalizing civil unions for gay couples as an alternati ...

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To Eat or Not to Eat

ill reduce the chance of getting an eating disorder, and she relays that in "Striking the Balance". USA Today published a story that supports that same idea called "College Athletes are Healthier Than ... athletes have so little free time that they don't stress about their image as much as others might (USA Today 11). "The fittest people on campus are probably this group of student athletes" (USA Today ...

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Ephedrine: Is it Worth it?

ional opinion that the toxicity of ephedrine played a significant role in the death of Mr. Bechler"(USA Today). This quote by Dr. Joshua Perper is regarding the most controversial incident involving e ... measured at 108 degrees. He died within 24 hours of his collapse from complications of heatstroke (USA Today). Bechler started spring training at 245 pounds in early February. Due to the dema ...

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A Comparison Between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution

the farm without the animals' help, the idea came forth that it was the animals that were superior. USA Today magazine called this book, "A political satire..." that pokes fun at the revolution in Rus ...

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Marketing - Would You Buy This Apple?

Would You Buy This Apple?Lead Story-Dateline: USA Today, July 15, 2002The article discussed good advertisement establishes great brand images. Som ...

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Air Safety

rican airliners could have been dead by the time the plane hit their targets." David Learmount told USA TODAY, "I doubt if the pilots were at the controls." The negative effects of poor airline safety ...

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Economic Indicator Forecasts: Housing Industry

s fabricated the information off their results. The second report was part of the online edition of USA Today. The USA Today report relied upon the input from economists who form the UCLA Anderson For ... the end of 2005. This number is projected to decrease in 2006, dropping to 1,855,000. Although the USA Today article did not specify an amount for 2005, there estimate for 2006 came in a bit lower th ...

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New Health Care System.

are, a major part of the American health care system, is projected to go broke in 2019 according to USA Today's article, "Congress refuses to swallow cures for ailing Medicare." I have seen this ruin ... e is that it is not efficient and is in serious financial problems. One huge concern stated in the USA Today's article, "Congress refuses to swallow cures for ailing Medicare, is that the baby boomer ...

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Adjusting to Terrorism

devastation was all focused of middle-eastern terrorists. "The West is under attack," reported the USA Today (Posner). Every news and television station had the latest expert on the Middle East telli ...

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