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Internet censorship and its role in protecting our societys addolecent community.

ity from such things as pornography, malicious information, and child predators.Internet censorship using software or hardware has become an increasingly popular way to protect children from adult con ... s. Often they take the ruse of another adolescent in a chat room or other instant messaging medium. Using it to lure their pray out of their shell, and eventually try to arrange to meet this person in ...

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Legal Liabilities Involved with Open Source Development

ication to the original source code must be under the GPL. Thus, one can easily infringe the GPL by using software components which are licensed under the terms of the GPL as a part of proprietary sof ... u cannot be prohibited from distributing modifications to OSSNo royalties can be imposed on you for using OSSIt is important to understand that OSS is not Public Domain Software (a frequent misconcept ...

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The advantages and disadvantages of sales force automation.

Introduction.Sales Force Automation is a technique of using software to automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact manageme ... most important aspects of their job, such as building long-term relationships with customers and focusing on new accounts. Information is shared among users in every department that contact with the c ... t the business can reach its large customer globally. According to the estimated, the advantages of using sales automated technology can increase at a rate of 40% annually include the ability to gener ...

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Case Sudy: Hershey foods.

seen planning, developing, designing, testing, installing, maintaining, upgrading and, ultimately, using software systems. In turn, consultants, strategists, authors, and computer magazine journalist ...

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Graphics Processors

onal worlds is nothing new. A computer-generated graphic can be made with a high degree of accuracy using software methods. However, in the past ten years the need for real-time generation of graphics ... time environments. The methods is uses to make these are as follows: Vertexes and Polygons: Using vertexes, triangles make up what the user sees as 3 dimensional polygons on the screen. An exa ...

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Podcasting in the 21st Century

what makes a podcast unique from other digital audio is its ability to be downloaded automatically using software, such as RSS or Atom, to read feed formats.HistoryThe concept of using syndication fe ... layed, replayed, and stored.If somebody wished to conserve bandwidth, they could search for content using an online podcast directory. Some directories even let people listen online to become familiar ...

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Students Using Technology to Cheat

�� Students Using Technology to CheatSeptember 25, 2007�AbstractStudents using technology to cheat is bec ... s are being used to cheat and what step are being taken to help combat the problem.�Students Using Technology to CheatInto today's generation, students are using technology as a way to cheat. C ... ogy as a way to cheat. Cell-phones, I-pods and Personal Data Assistant's are the means students are using to cheat. School administration is using lock down testing, school bans and gadget detectors t ...

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The Proper Use of Technology for Higher Education Today, the

erm papers. Every freshman has to take a writing class, which requires students to write papers by using software programs such as Microsoft word. This way, it forces students to learn how to use th ... Computers have an impact on every field of study. Science students take advantage of computers by using computer graphics. Biology students can analyze and observe different kind of cells. Archite ...

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ng music files and express a few personal experiences outlining the advantages and disadvantages of using software downloads from the internet.LimeWire Download•Connect to internet browser, for u ... screen; it should be a large green button.•You will be asked to choose which platform you are using. The available options are; Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Other Systems. For this demonstratio ...

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Open Ended Questions in Research

Culp, 1998). Several strategies can be used to convert these responses into meaningful information. Using qualitative data analysis software is rapidly becoming feasible. Using software applications t ... be scored as 2, and a neutral or vague response a 1. Another idea that could be utilized is coding using a Likert type scale based on how overtly strong an idea or opinion is expressed. This method c ...

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