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Disaster of Uttarakhand

Case study of Uttarakhand Disaster June 2013The state of India named Uttarakhand had experienced a terrific disast ... way. (Parkash, june, 2013)[2: Parkash, S. (june, 2013). Brief Report on visit to Alaknanda Valley, Uttarakhand Himalaya. Delhi. ]The furious river destroyed the buildings, entire settlements and ever ... the lower districts, though to a lesser extent, when compared to the higher Himalayan districts of Uttarakhand.The event took place in the peak tourist and pilgrimage season, in the State, thus signi ...

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Natural Disasters

been that monstrous. But it's the change in land use pattern that has given floods such a bad name. Uttarakhand tragedy of 2013 is the textbook example for the negative effects of profound human settl ... ted to us in the form of flooding of Srinagar. Many parallels can be drawn between the Srinagar and Uttarakhand story where the increased tourism and need for urbanization had led us to encroaching ri ...

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