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Caspian Sea Region

al states of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, as well as parts of Russia and Iran and also Uzbekistan --which although not a littoral state, is the region's largest natural gas producer. The ... 92 levels in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan (when measured in constant 1995 USA dollars). Uzbekistan, however, has shown some growth. Moreover, in the region's two biggest oil producers, Aze ...

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The People of Afghanistan

anistan is located in Southern Asia, bordering China, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Afghan society has been based primarily on agricultural and pastoral traditions. In 1979 ...

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Monetary policies in the developing countries

IntroductionMain partMonetary policy in UzbekistanIssues of monetary policy in UzbekistanMonetary policy in KazakhstanIssues of monetary pol ... t timing.This essay is going to discuss the monetary policies in developing countries, particularly Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, their changes throughout the period since USSR collapsed in 1992, and the ... of these two former soviet countries and the effectiveness of their monetary policy.Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, which are the members of the CIS (Community of Independent States) have started from the ...

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In the article “Soviets Leave Anthrax Legacy” by Bruce Finley,

ted today by the Cold War 11 years ago. From what Finley says in this article, Muynoq, an island in Uzbekistan, has enough supervirulent brown powder to extinguish humanity. Soviet scientists tested v ...

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Population:With 26,851,195 (in 2005) people, Uzbekistan has the largest population of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia, and the third- ... ,000 live births. Expenditure on health in 2002 was 3 per cent of GDP.Economy:The GDP per capita of Uzbekistan is a low $2000 US, with 33% of the population that lives below the poverty line. This eve ... er cent of GDP and accounts for 34 per cent of total employment. Cotton is the primary crop… Uzbekistan is a leading producer of seed cotton. The republic is also the largest producer of silk a ...

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The impact and persistence of rising internet piracy and illegal file-sharing. This report shows how internet piracy put effect on music industry.

.027.022%22%TajikistanN/A5.0N/A80%TurkmenistanN/A7.0N/A85%Uzbekistan (GSP)N/A30.0N/A80%Special MentionAzerbaijanN/A15.0N/A80%...

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Child Labor in Uzbekistan

Dola IkomiGroup 2UzbekistanMEMO 4In the late soviet period, Uzbekistan then still a part of the Soviet union invested ... cotton industry. Child labor was used then but not as extensively as it is today, two decades after Uzbekistan's independence. With the heavy amount of investments on the mechanization of the cotton i ... it because their work is vital to the success of the cotton harvest.The practice of forced labor in Uzbekistan is a violation of the country's own laws as well as the international convention on labor ...

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cultural differences

Cultural differences between Uzbekistan and USAToday in our country a great attention is paid for learning English. And in each s ... ssful. For example American people do not like talking about their private life or family, while in Uzbekistan it is impolite not to ask about family. It is one cultural difference between these two c ... these two cultures. And now we are going to compare some cultural issues of these two countries, of Uzbekistan and USA.Firstly, what is culture itself? It has many different meanings so we cannot give ...

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