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The Future of NASA

me products developed in NASA's space program that we nowincorporate in our daily lives include the vacuum cleaner, pacemaker, pens thatcan write upside-down, and the zero-gravity training system. The ...

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"Who Has seen the Wind" Christina Georgina Rossetti

Brian thinks God is an imaginary friend.Brian has a very creative imagination, in which R.W. rides avacuum cleaner.1 He also thinks that there are many Gods, eachhaving many arms.2 When he talks to Fo ...

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The Industrial Revolution

Lowell, these inventions, such as the telephone, the electric light bulb, and the electric powered vacuum cleaner, had a great impact on the average American household. Soon enough, not only the rich ...

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reliability and value for money.As a company Dyson is unique and has always set new standards e.g. vacuum cleaner industry, this can be seen with innovations such as the latest washing machine 'Contr ... ating new ideas to solve problems that consumers face. Dyson initially achieved this image with its Vacuum cleaner range, which has set a whole new platform in the domestic appliance market and is usi ...

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Poem comparison of "To his coy mistress" and "I Wanna Be Yours"

where as in 'I Wanna Be Yours' its put to the woman in a more gentle and polite way,"Let me be your vacuum cleaner"Shows that he wants to be part of her everyday life, and doesn't just want to take ad ... "Let me be your ford cortinaI will never rust"Car- an item that is mostly used daily"Let me be your vacuum cleaner"another everyday object that is often taken for granted, this shows that he just want ...

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Abortion: the dangerous choice.

first started getting abortions, the suction method was the most popular. This method works like a vacuum cleaner, by sucking the placenta out and by tearing the baby's body into pieces and the hose ...

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Welcome to Her World

The vacuum was on. She had never seen it but she had noticed the sound before. Every time it passed over ... r a particular part of the roof it grew louder, only for a few seconds and then just as soon as the vacuum passed over that one spot, she would feel the blood rush to her head, and the sound would sto ... xistence, however in an odd way they weren't. The only thing that she was ever sure of was that the vacuum would return and so would that feeling of bloodrushing to her head.The vacuum was still on, t ...

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like that, it doesn't say how the babies are cruelly slaughtered. One way to have an abortion is a vacuum aspiration. This is done with a vacuum type of suction that's 27 times stronger than a home v ...

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Engineering Studies - short report of how a Vacuum Cleaner works.

The Household Vacuum CleanerThe vacuum cleaner is a common household appliance that uses the means of a number of ... a number of simple components that work together to pick up dirt and dust particles. In the typical vacuum, the components are as follow:-Intake Port-Exhaust Port-Electric Motor-Fan-Porous BagThe prop ... us BagThe propeller like fan when operating creates a pressure drop which is also in fact a partial vacuum. The difference in air pressure, forces the air in the intake port into the cleaner where the ...

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The Big Vac

That big dark-blue Eureka sitting in the closet hiding underneath her vacuum cleaner cover patiently waits for me to pull her out onto the "boot-scootin" dance floor, so ... sleeping on the carpet. And although Miss Prissy Girl enjoys twirling from room to room, I dislike vacuuming the carpet for three insufferable reasons.One of the reasons I dislike traveling from one ...

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t to repairing it himself. He picked up a table and chairs at an auction and bought a reconditioned vacuum cleaner at a bazaar. All these, and other articles, he stored in the shed"¦" (Ri ...

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Cleaning Up Memories

my apron, slipped the chemical resistant blue gloves onto my nervous fingers, yanked the industrial vacuum cleaner out of the bed of my pick-up truck and rang the doorbell on my first day of work. "Co ... e her hand, but she turned away and paraded through the entrance. I followed after her dragging the vacuum. She hollered over her shoulder, "If you clean like my dead husband, I'm gonna be getting my ...

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Technology: Pros and Cons

Technology: Pros and ConsBig Macs versus apples, vacuum-cleaners versus brooms and computer games versus playing tag - they all represent the influen ...

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llow tube with a knife-edged tip) is inserted into the womb. This instrument is then connected to a vacuum machine by a transparent tube. The vacuum suction, 29 times more powerful than a household va ...

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