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Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

around Jon's neck. Later in the book it discusses how you can defend yourself fromDracula and other vampires by the possession of a crucifix or practically any consecrated item fromthe Christian relig ... y out near the courtyard of Castle Dracula, Van Helsing makes a (Holy circle) with the Host to keep vampires out and to keep Mina safe in the (Holy circle).Another time when the Host is used as a dete ...

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"Superstitions of the dark ages"

nd hygiene. The accusations made of witchcraft. Also all the tales of black cats, angels, mermaids, vampires, and many more told in that period of time. All the stories told to keep the peoples minds ... f mermaids along the British Isles in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. It was the belief that vampires were spirits who left their tombs at night to torment the living. There were real men who d ...

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The Origin of Count Dracula - analyzes the different theories developed after Bram Stoker's Dracula was released

century warrior named Vlad "Tepes"Dracula.Despite common belief, Bram Stoker was not the creator of vampires. The belief in vampires has existed all throughout recorded history, since the beginning of ... lity. Since that time period, many legends and folklore have developed about the characteristics of vampires, most of which originated in Eastern Europe. According to Bulgarian folklore, vampires have ...

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Descriptive Essay about a pitbull attacking basketball players at the basketball court 2 paragraph essay

ed until sloppy play discouraged them from continuing. Here comes the H2O, they it sucked down like vampires drinking blood. Out the corner of one of the basketball player's eyes he saw a dog. This my ...

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Madaline as a Vampire

ing to provoke the human imagination and inner fears. The horror stories are the "perfect home" for vampires, who feel comfortable in the atmosphere of deserted estates, covered with gloomy fog and vo ... is the most mystical part in this story. The reader seas her a few times during the night. Usually vampires can be seen at that time because during the day the sun and light hurt them. She's so pale ...

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Dreams Essay

riences with a nightmare, I have put two into one. I once had a dream where I was getting chased by vampires but I could jump over houses like nothing was hard about it. I think in this dream I have p ...

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dark and creepy driveway, I wondered why the mansion was so cheap. Sure there were rumors of ghost, vampires, and other movie monsters, since the mansion was so old but they were just rumors. When I f ...

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The Mythology of Lilith. A very short essay about the Lilith myths.

ome tied into many stories, she has been a Demon, a fallen angel, a feminist, and the mother of the Vampires. According to the creepy, weird, possibly neurotic people that claim to be Vampires, she is ... the creepy, weird, possibly neurotic people that claim to be Vampires, she is not the mother of the Vampires. Actual mythology on the origins of Lilith and her role in Biblical history is a bit hard t ...

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"Guilty Pleasures" by Laurell K. Hamilton as Compared to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv show. Includes synopsis of the book.

uts them back. Vampire slaying is something she does on the side. In the world of Guilty Pleasures, vampires are no big secret. Their existence is well-known, and the United States is one of few count ... The District is home to Guilty Pleasures, the world's only vampire strip club. In a world in which vampires do not have to hide, a wide array of mixed feelings exist. The book opens in Anita's ...

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History of Hong Kong Cinema

k, 1999). Fighting with swords and guns, exaggerated drama and a bent for the supernatural--ghosts, vampires and the spirits of dead ancestors--are four basic ingredients in the last 20 years of films ...

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Chooseing a plant that has had an important impact on people. Discuss how the plant has affected human culture.

rits; and some had even claimed it as having aphrodisiacal properties, while others used it to keep vampires at bay.Although there is little scientific evidence backing its effectiveness, garlic has b ...

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English Letter - a letter to english teacher summerizing book "A Dozen Black Roses" by Nancy A. Collins

of Darkness created by White-Wolf Publishing, in which they created a sort of role-play game out of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls and so many other creatures.In this story, Sonja Blue, the main ... allows her to move around in the sunlight with only slight irritation, and enter holy places other vampires would shy from. Sonja's intentions throughout the book are unknown as she moves from enemy ...

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First person point of view of vampires in Rhode Island history

When thinking about Rhode Island history, vampires is not often aimage that comes to mind right away, unless you are asking the rightperson. M ... f things. Stories have been circulating around as far back as mostpeople can remember about various vampires said to have lived in RhodeIsland. Two of these with graves located conveniently close toge ...

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Book You Would Save for Posterity: "The Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice.

g, because they are after all fiction-based novels. I also like the way she writes the books in the vampires' perspective. You can really get into the books and almost feel what they're feeling. You d ... e feeling. You don't get that from all authors. It's quite odd, though, because you always think of vampires as crude creatures, and she makes them out to be so human. You can really relate to them, a ...

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Superstitions in "Jane Eyre": How the Supernatural Affects the Rational

oic men and women may be, often the more potent characters are the mysterious ones: the ghosts, the vampires, the banshees. These beasts are the visions dreamed in darkness, when people are less sensi ...

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Descriptive essay: The Broken Leash

ickup games have already started. Here comes the fresh water, the one that players sucked down like vampires drinking blood. Out the corner of one of the basketball player's eyes he saw a dog. This my ...

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Garlic used as magic

elieve that garlic has "magical" properties to ward off the dark forces of demons, evil spirits and vampires. It also had been said to make people fall in love with each other.In Egypt, the Greek hist ... are getting to fight.Balkans, Christians, Greeks and Turks believed that garlic protected them from vampires. Balkans would rub garlic on doorknobs and window frames to discourage vampires. Jockey's w ...

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"Moon Child" Review

eriously needs some help. Moon Child is a result of an interesting attempt to combine mafia, drama, vampires, and sci-fi into one. As a result, these genres are so diverse that the film doesn't work i ...

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"Lost Souls" by Poppy Z. Brite

At an overview, one would find many similarities to Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles series. There are vampires, sexual ambiguity, and graphic descriptions of violence, sexual acts, and substance abuse - ... serves as the focal point of the novel. Lost Souls is not about stalking victims, or defeating the vampires with stake and holy water, but a tale of love, loss, and choosing what to make of one's sel ...

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The Nature Of The Immortal World

vil in the Immortal WorldEvil is in human nature, whether one is mortal or immortal. Is this why vampires adore killing innocent people? Throughout Bram Stoker's Dracula and Anne Rice's Interview w ... and helped in the killing in his daughter. Armand tried to explain that he tried to stop the other vampires from killing her but he could not do it, "I could see Armand's rich, brown eye close to min ...

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