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Guitarist that changes the history of modern music. OR in Indonesian, "Sejarah Gitaris yang Mengubah Sejarah Musik Modern".

le Illinois - USA.Group Band Saat Ini: Racer XGroup Band Sebelumnya: Racer X, Mr.BigPengaruh: Eddie Van HalenPendidikan: Tamatan GIT (Guitar Institute Of Technology) dan Instruktur GIT.Gitar: Ibanez P ... Gitar: Hurricane & Carvin.Tempat/Tgl Lahir: 22 JulyPengaruh: W.A. Mozart, Marty Friedman, Eddie Van Halen, Bob Dylan, Andreas Segovia dan Niccolo Paganini.Keahlian: Classical, Sweep Arpeggio, Japa ...

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Summer Seasons

across every little stitch, and feel the true grain of the leather. I wait to find the beat of the Van Halen song playing. Finding it, I throw the ball against the net. It thuds exactly with the beat ...

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