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Bush and Kerry; Chocolate and Vanilla

ection 2004 Have you ever tried asking ten different people whether they prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream? About half of the group, (myself included!) will probably "ooh and aah" over vani ... le the other half, the chocoholics, will not be able to comprehend how anyone could possibly choose vanilla over chocolate. When I approached different people and asked their opinions regarding the pr ...

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Someone important in my life.

t to me is to stroll into the kitchen and see my short living great-grandma struggling to reach the vanilla on the top shelf. With an inconvenience like that she will always find a way to manoeuver ar ... hat she will always find a way to manoeuver around it and continue on making her exquisite homemade vanilla ice cream. It's a good thing that she only makes this ice cream for special occasions, or el ...

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Meal and Menu Planning Assignment - Foods 11

CreamMilkDinner:Oven Cooked Pork RoastSteamed RiceMashed CarrotsCaesar SaladToasted Bun with ButterVanilla Ice CreamApple JuiceI tried to include foods from every group on the Canada Food Guide and a ...

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My Surprise

    You will need the following tools and ingredients: a blender, tablespoon, measuring cup, vanilla ice cream, milk, whip cream, cinnamon powder, bottled caramel, either cherries or mint leave ... ervings.The first step is to this chilled-delight is to fill the blender half way with delicious vanilla ice cream scoops. Then measure about six ounces of milk and pour it into the blender. Next ...

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Why Do You Believe God Exist?

what they interpret which is called free will. For instance if a person wants to have chocolate or vanilla ice cream he can choose which flavor he wants. Human beings have had this power since their ...

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two weeks later an urgent text message called us back to bobby's room he was white like a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and was pointing at his computer screen. There in the centre where two big eye's a ...

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Marketing Plan: Phase I

ient serving. A frothy beverage in a plastic bottle waiting to be topped off with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream to complete the delectable tasty food, a root beer float. The new product is the c ... y 2¾ inches in diameter to support the four-inch diameter opening on top to allow a scoop of vanilla ice cream is added with ease to complete the frothy, creamy delight. The convenience would e ...

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