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Veronese's Triumph.

Paolo Caliari, known as Veronese (1528-1588), was a highly successful Italian artist of the Venetian school during the High Renaissance. He is distinguished as one of the greatest Venetian dec ... ed a growing interest in scenographic architecture.The painting itself depicts the glorification of Venetian rule, the common theme being that "it is based not on oppression and fore but on the volunt ...

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Unification of Italy

a treaty with Austria and Austria agreed to give control of Lombardy to Sardinia but not control of Venetia. In 1859 the province of Romagna over threw there rulers and the new government asked for un ... ted Cavour and Garibaldi surrendered to Emmanuel. This put the whole peninsula (except for Rome and Venetia) of Italy under the control of Emmanuel and Italy was finally unified.Cavour died three week ...

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Austria ottoman report

his, Emperor Francis Joseph came to power. Under his reign, Austria lost Lombardy in 1859, and lost Venetia and control of the German States after the Seven Weeks War with Prussia. After this war, the ...

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about italian unification :)

Sicily and Naples. There was also Bismarck who was the Prussian Chancellor offered to give Piedmont Venetia if they helped to defeat the Austrians at war. Although there were many individuals who cont ...

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unification of germany

elected parliaments the French introduced; restored the old state system except for in Lombardy and Venetia which were incorporated into the Austrian empire. Furthermore Austria replaced France as the ... manded more government reforms, constitutions and personal freedoms. In Austrian ruled Lombardy and Venetia nationalist demands for independence from Austria grew and the desire for union with piedmon ...

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