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A Letter on the Doorstep****"Little tyke, Vernon Dusrley chuckled, ducking an airborne bowl of cheerios. He gave his wife, a bony woman named ... s was a charming pet name, this little beast's full name was Dudley. Dudley Dominic Dursley. Son to Vernon and Petunia Dursley, who saw no reason as to why they shouldn't spoil Dudley until he was rot ... t;>***"Hello darling, good day at work?" she simpered to her husband."Very well! Wonderful day!" Vernon boomed.The family trio sat down for a dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes. As they consumed ...

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breakfast club

he is ready to pick a fight and argue. In one of the scenes in the movie he picks a fight with Mr. Vernon which leads to him getting additional Saturday school which to him is not a big deal because ... such a horrible thing after all. Through his actions he shows, one, that he does not care what Mr. Vernon's position at school may be and second that consequences to his wrong doings don't make a dif ...

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