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Coping with Scoliosis

milies, researchers have long suspected genetics play an important role. Less-common causes include vertebral birth defects and neuromuscular diseases such ascerebral palsy and spina bifida.What is sc ...

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Creative Therapy Studies - Living With Sciatica; Describe how disease can affect our daily lives.

in on the thighs and below the knee.The most common cause of Sciatica is a prolapsed (slipped) intervertebral disc. The spinal column consists of a number of vertebrae that are 'stacked up' and are se ...

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Work Activity Analysis Job Title: Chiropractor

al profession that base it's treatment on philosophical system ofmechanical therapeutics disease to vertebral subluxation, it treats disease withmanipulation of the vertebral in order to release press ... s disease withmanipulation of the vertebral in order to release pressure on the nerves at the inter-vertebral forama. It enables impulses to flow freely from the brain to all parts of the body.It also ...

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The Skeletal System

two parts, the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton includes the skull, vertebral column and the thoracic cage. The appendicular skeleton includes the bones of the upper ex ... . Fibrocartilage contains collagen, which gives it strength and added support to the bone (e.g. the vertebral discs to the vertebral column).Almost every bone in the body joins to another bone forming ...

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Tailbone fracture

Tailbone FractureThe Coccyx, commonly known as your tailbone is located at the very endof the vertebral column. Your tailbone is the result of four coccygeal bones fusingtogether as a child form ...

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The human body

or & inferior venae carry blood to the heart and this is located on the right side ofthe spinal column. The arch of the aorta & the pulmonary artery exit the heart, inferior tothe manubrium of ... nary artery exit the heart, inferior tothe manubrium of the sternum. To the left side of the spinal column as it descends intothe abdomen, lies the arch of the aorta. Behind the great vessels and on t ...

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Understanding Spinal Cord Injury

to the other parts of the body are lower motor neurons. These spinal nerves exit and enter at each vertebral level and communicate with specific areas of the body. The sensory portion of the lower mo ... column.Damage to the spinal cord can occur from either a traumatic injury or from a disease to the vertebral column. In most spinal cord injuries, the backbone pinches the spinal cord, causing it to ...

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Artificial Disc Replacement--Evolutionary Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease

s a complete discectomy at the designated level and uses special, long instruments to test the intervertebral space for proper size, placement, and lordotic angulation of the implant. The surgeon prep ...

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