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Hearing and Deafness

The ear is the organ of hearing and balance in vertebrates. The ear converts sound waves in the air, to nerve impulses which are sent to the brain, ... e parts ofd the ear are only present in amphibians and mammals, but the inner ear is present in all vertebrates.The ear can hear in several different ways. They are volume, pitch, and tone. Pitch is r ...

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Diversity of Plants

By 300 million years ago, trees had evolved and formed forests, within which the diversification of vertebrates, insects, and fungi occurred. Roughly 266,000 species of plants are now living.The two m ...

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The Kidney

Written for a science honors project Informative, comprehensiveKidneysIn vertebrates, kidneys are the two major organs of excretion. Excess water, toxic waste products of me ... fat and two layers of fibrous tissue. It is believed that the kidney first evolved in the original vertebrates where freshwater organisms needed some means of pumping water from the body. The kidney ...

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Your Bones in Space

nt. The systemconsists of Bone a highly specialized and dynamic supporting tissue whichprovides the vertebrates its rigid infrastructure. It consists of specializedconnective tissue cells called osteo ...

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What Is Rickettsia.

kettsia are bacteria, which are obligate intracellular parasites many disease-causing, that live in vertebrates and are transmitted by bloodsucking parasitic arthropods such as fleas , lice and ticks. ... but like viruses, they require a living host (a living cell) to survive. Rickettsias from infected vertebrates, usually mammals, live and multiply in the gastrointestinal tract of an arthropod carrie ...

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Everything you need to know about worms and perhaps some you didn't.

her animals as well to the larvae, or immature forms, of some insects, for example, or even to some vertebrates, such as the blindworm, a limbless, snakelike lizard. However, the name is properly appl ... ndworm, a limbless, snakelike lizard. However, the name is properly applied only to certain adult invertebrates.Worms play a major role in virtually all ecosystems. Some terrestrial worms condition th ...

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How animals adapt to environment they live in.

ed in the desert environment, even some we typically associate with temperate or wet surroundings.InvertebratesAnimals without backbones are called invertebrates. They include simple desert animals su ... mple desert animals such as worms, and more complex animals such as the locust. Certain groups of invertebrates must spend part of their lives in water. Generally speaking, these types are not found i ...

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dinosaurs were a very great success and the superiors of their time with no competition from other vertebrates. The mammals, which did exist during the entire dinosaurian period, were small nocturnal ...

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Jerry and his music, the story of jerry garcia's life before the greatful dead.

ate the most effective living thing, it could have stopped at bacteria. Or it could have stopped at vertebrates or sharks. But consciousness goes a quantum step further than just life. It might be tha ...

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Birds: Their Habits and Behaviour

birds :1. Birds are feather clad, air breathing, warm blooded, oviparous and bipedal flying vertebrates.2. They have a streamlined spindle shaped body that helps them to fly in air.3. ...

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Nervous System

cells, tissues, and organs that regulates the body's responses to internal and external stimuli. In vertebrates it consists of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, ganglia, and parts of the receptor and ef ...

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Circulatory System

Vertebrates have a closed circulatory system. Closed circulatory systems have the blood closed at al ...

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better understanding of the immune system. The immune system is like a surveillance device that all vertebrates have, this surveillance device protects them from pathogenic (disease-causing) microorga ... nvaders and once it does it will selectively kill them. Our immune system's power to protect vertebrates from diseases is thanks to its dual systems that both maintain the necessary defenses ag ...

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.The main topic to focus in this lab is the Chordates, which are group of animals that includes the vertebrates under the phylum Chordata. They are united by having a notochord, a hollow dorsal nerve ... they are lost in adulthood. Cephalochordates have a notochord and a nerve cord but no vertebrae. In vertebrates, the notochord has been replaced by a bony vertebrae.The chordates and two sister phyla, ...

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Introduction & Observation of a Shark

buried within skin and raised portion. Sharks possess the basic eye structure that is found in all vertebrates, but with some modification. The shark eye has a reflecting layer called a tapetum lucid ...

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diffusion across cell membranes instead of by a blood system. . Among animals, the hormones of the vertebrates--particularly those of humans and other mammals--are the best known. Most vertebrate hor ... are carried to their targets through the bloodstream. Endocrine glands. A major endocrine gland in vertebrates is the pituitary, which consists of two distinct sections: the anterior pituitary (or ad ...

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Human Sexual Behavior

nd the participants and so forth. We actually know a great deal more about sexual behavior in other vertebrates than we do about human species, precisely because specific correlates can be measured. A ...

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Endangered Species

y animals which are living on the line? It is no kidding. There are approximately 30 percent of the vertebrates as well as 20 percent of the plants are threatened. What more scary is 20 percent of the ...

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What is a human being?

mb has a similar bone structure. One explanation…is that an early ancestor shared by all these vertebrates had a forelimb with a similar bone structure (305).Daniel Jacobs quotes from Richard Daw ...

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