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Subjective Photography

truly interested me was how the camera is able to pick up many things that the eye never sees, and vice versa.The first thing that I considered when I began working on my final pictures was how man m ...

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the surrounding area. Another thought was whether the Post had interviewed more boys than girls or vice versa. Racial makeup of those involved in the study was another issue that the Post did not ela ...

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Freedom of our Nation's Citizens

Nation?s CitizensWhat is freedom anyway? Where does our freedom stop and someone else?s begin, and vice versa? Do we have to right to practice our freedom even if it impedes another individual's righ ...

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Infidelity In Literature

e grew up in triangles, competing for our mother's attention with our fathers and our siblings, and vice versa. That taught us, deep inside, to be terrified of abandonment and to resent sharing. We ne ...

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Ethical Values

values, however what one may consider as a mediocre family value may seem poor to someone else and vice-versa. These family values differ from family to family world-wide. The most significant values ...

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Anthropology by Morgan and Wolf

s throughout history, has concluded that the influences property has had on reshaping societies and vice versa can teach the historian many things about both the society being studied and the environm ...

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What Exactly Is The Internet?

ently connected to the Internet (you type what you want to say, they'll see it on their screen, and vice versa). It's just like you're on a network of computers in a single office, for example, but th ...

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This is an essay on the issue of honesty while being a part of moral decisions

re expected to tell the truth about everything. To write about honesty, is to write about truth and vice-versa. Everyone you know puts trust in you, once that trust is broken; your integrity is broken ...

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This essay is about best friends and how after 13 years they still can spend so long together and not regret it. MY BEST FRIEND is the title

the same size clothing. It always seems that my closet has more of her clothes in it than mine and vice-versa. Our mothers can never stop comparing notes as to how many clothes they have bought us th ...

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Should the American colonists have been Patriots or Loyalists?

ton Massacre, where a mob threatened British soldiers. The colonists despised British soldiers, and vice versa. Soon, it became clear that a British colonist in North America had to make a choice: to ...

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This paper is all about jitter and wander on a transmission line. it contrasts the difference of jitter and wander

for jitter. One reason for jitter could come from the conversion from analog to a digital signal or vice versa. If the timing on a circuit and on the equipment that does the conversion of A to D and D ...

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The origin of Gender, examples from the movie "My life in Pink" and reading of "X: A Fabulous Child's Story".

t gender is predefined during birth; if one was born a male then he will naturally be masculine and vice-versa. The Constructionalists believe in the contrary; they believe that gender is molded and p ...

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"The Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.

o Viagra. Having to be a "player" or a "whore" is considered to be normal, while in our world it is vice versa. Also in their world, there are no diseases; I would not mind living there only for that ... ay I live and perceive. I do not enjoy to be taught what is right or wrong; especially if it is the vice versa of our society. Only reason that is good in brave new world is the diseases; there are no ...

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The main social, cultural and economic consequences are of the past, present and future globalisation.

curs on the other side of the sphere (world) is already being experienced in the United Kingdom and vice-versa."The Global village. The New World Order, The peace dividend; these are all buzzwords of ...

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Increased Canada-US Border inspections and their affect on the economy.

s, and stricter borders are hurting trade. Trucks containing goods going to the US from Canada (and vice versa) are being held up at the border, which is costing businesses greatly.This issue is affec ... One good way to solve both of these goals is to have jointly developed regulations for goods and services on both sides of the border, which would allow pre-approved vehicles cross the border without ...

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Ethnic Clashes.

ceted. The causes of various conflicts can be similar while the effects can be vastly different and vice-versa.The Armenian Massacre was a result of a few historical circumstances. In the late 1890s e ...

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"Family Values" - discribes various family values.

values, however what one may consider as a mediocre family value may seem poor to someone else and vice-versa. These family values differ from family to family worldwide. The most significant values ...

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Phases of matter and vapor pressure.

change involves a change in the physical state of a substance from one phase to another such as: or vice versaoSolid- liquidoLiquid- gasoSolid - gasSolidsThe physical state of matter characterized by ...

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Descartes Mind/body problem; interactionism; materialism; delerminsm; libertarianism

the relation between mind and body, according to which physical events can cause mental events, and vice versa. In this theory, the mind and the body are completely different entities. One can underst ...

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The Discourse of Power. michael foucault: history of sexuality & crime and punishment

ionships. Entwined with power is knowledge sothat in every power relationship there is knowledgeand vice-versa. Foucault takes the cliché "Knowledgeis power" and revises it: the knowledge of hu ...

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