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This essay is about how the to use the new technology to get an education online; compared to the old way, the classroom education.

erspectiveB.EvolutionIV.Technological OptionsA.VoiceB.VideoC.Data-CAI-CMI-Computer-MediatedD.PrintV.VideoconferencingA.Small-room videoconferenceB.Classroom videoconferenceC.Desktop video conferenceVI ... course syllabus, and case studies.Another effective tool that may be used in distance education is Videoconferencing. Most Interactive Videoconferencing systems use compressed digital video for the t ...

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Business Management and Leadership

mes have made it possible to integrate audio and video data into the computing environment. Desktop videoconferencing (DVCS), has become possible by adding software and hardware to standard desktop co ... ndard desktop computers and is gaining acceptance as a viable telecommunications technology.Desktop videoconferencing is quickly emerging as a viable technology for small group or one-on-one communica ...

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Networked Applications, Notes from Business Data Communication CSI120, describes applications used for networking ther functions, benefits, and how they work. (download document for ease of reading)

ot care what application architecture you are using.Important networked applicationse-mailvideoconferencingworld wide webelectronic commerceApplication layerThe only layer whose ... The large file transfer usually on to five megabytes is done entirely peep-to-peer.H.323In videoconferencing and IP telephony communication is governed by the H.323 standard.The calling p ...

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Technology and its major advantages

just by click of the mouse you can travel around the world, that too while sitting in your bedroom. Videoconferencing has reduced the cost of traveling and time for the corporate world.Education has i ...

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Office automation.

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Office Collaboration

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About Nothing

nologies that are transforming business everywhere: multimedia computers, on-line services, modems, videoconferencing, and mobile phones (Gunn and Burroughs 2-3).Another type of computer that has shap ...

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nologies that are transforming business everywhere: multimedia computers, on-line services, modems, videoconferencing, and mobile phones (Gunn and Burroughs 2-3).Another type of computer that has shap ...

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Ameritech offer a range of leading-edge communication products and services, including voice, data, videoconferencing and more. Many Ameritech customers trust them because they have experienced the re ...

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Training modalities

nization.Video Conferencing used as modality training, is certain closer to a traditional classroom.Videoconferencing modality training use screens to take the place of an individual instructor (Gray ... rated a, and many different locations can be connected. All can bedone very efficiently through the videoconferencing modality training method.Advantages of videoconferencing•Allows live instruct ...

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IP Telephony

sonalized service and customer loyalty. To personalize service, many companies are now implementing videoconferencing where the user and the Customer Representative can see and hear each other at the ...

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Video Conferencing and Security Issues

, which means that protecting your network environment from outside intruders is simply not enough. Videoconferencing, with an often high profile user base and confidential meeting content, represents ... glish/witn/2005/12/051209_jcom.shtml[4]Weinstein, Ira M. (2006). Employing IT-Level Security for IP VideoconferencingRetrieved March 8, 2008 from ...

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Effects of Technology: Computer Technology: GEN 300

er technology to the lives of people in the United States. The areas for discussion include: email, videoconferencing, and education.EmailComputer technology has made it possible for families, friends ... .•My folders: This is where people can make their own folders to organize and store their mail.VideoconferencingComputer technology has become so advanced that people can hook up visual (camera) ...

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Marketing Plan

ble to attract new students with the innovative technology of webcasting classes.Product DescriptionVideoconferencing employs audio and video technology to bring people at different locations together ... video technology to bring people at different locations together for a meeting. The main feature of videoconferencing is the ability to afford intimacy. This can be as elementary as a conversation bet ...

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Business Communication Trends Paper

ation is much more than that. In the present era, workforces interact via Emails, Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing, text messaging. It becomes imperative for everyone to know how to communicate wit ... not have his or her email readily available.Supervisors and OP's managers use teleconferencing and videoconferencing as a way to communicate to other superiors and those in high administrative positi ...

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On the Nature of Business and Globalization

value="3"Improvement of facilities that aid international businessThese facilities include videoconferencing which has developed to the point where it is gradually replacing the need for trav ...

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