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Explain what is meant by verification and falsification, in the context of religious language? Evaluate their criticisms of religious language.

onveys information that is not factual; emotions, feelings and metaphysical claims.In the 1920's in Vienna a group of philosophers, known as the Vienna Circle, proposed a theory to do with logic and l ... ame game then they are meaningful. Therefore when logical positivists were discussing philosophy in Vienna they made sense to each other playing their own game, even though they could not verify verif ...

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"religious language is meaningless" , discuss

language debate lay in 1920's Austria, where Moritz Schlick founded a philosophical group named the Vienna Circle. Named logical positivists, or logical empiricists, the Vienna circle stated that scie ... this point.Wittgenstein was a German philosopher, who in his early years was very involved with the Vienna circle and so was a supporter of the theory of verification. However later on in his life dec ...

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