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Graham Greene and his novel "Quiet American"

can is a tale of a young American who is now dead because of his personal involvement in the French-Vietminh war. A British reporter, Fowler, tells the story from his point of view. Fowler and Pyle we ...

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egemónica en la región antes del inicio de la II Guerra Mundial) y el grupo comunista Vietminh (o Liga por la Independencia de Vietnam), fundado y dirigido por el líder revolucion ... que combatieron a los ocupantes japoneses de la Indochina francesa durante la II Guerra Mundial, el Vietminh estaba determinado a oponerse al restablecimiento del dominio colonial francés y lle ...

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The Vietnam War

the disagreements between the French, who had ruled Indochina before World War 2, and the communist Vietminh, founded and led by Ho Chi Minh. The communist Vietminh were determined to fight the French ... nd make changes of their own.After the Americans had made the Japanese surrender in August of 1945, Vietminh soldiers took over the capitol city, Hanoi, forced Emperor Bao Dai out of power and replace ...

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Der Vietnamkrieg- chronologischer Ablauf

se (1946- 54)- es kämpfte ein Expeditionheer der Franzosen gegen eine Partisanenarmee( Vietminh) unter Vo Nguyen Giap- Expeditionsheer sollte Indochina wieder zur franz. Kolonie m ... tründung der kommunistischen VR China > militärische u. wirtschaftliche Hilfe für Vietminh- 1950: USA entsenden Militärberater nach Saigon (Politik der Eindämmung)- ...

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This essay specifies the main events that occured in the Vietnam War.

p government at Hanoi in north.There were many important dates during the Vietnam War. In 1954 when Vietminh defeated the French in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, and where the French agree to sign a pe ...

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"Explain Why The United States Became Increasingly Involved In The War In Vietnam During The Period 1954-1965

ople in Vietnam did not like the French having an influence in the way their country was ruled. The Vietminh began to take action against the French. The Vietminh were a Communist organisation. In 195 ... ere a Communist organisation. In 1950-1951, the French looked to America for assistance against the Vietminh. Despite not getting directly involved, America paid for most of the cost of the war. This ...

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Why did the U.S get involved in Vietnam in the 1950's and 1960's ?

s and the Afganistan war of the early 80s.For decades earlier the French had been trying to control Vietminh territory.The French were defeated due to Communist help for the Vietminh from Communist Ch ... as kept from the American public. During Kennedy's term 'strategic hamlets' were introduced to stop Vietminh influence on peasants.When Johnson came to power, he decided on a more aggressive war, so s ...

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The Errors of Vietnam.

Chi Minh.Ho Chi Minh was a charismatic patriot, determined revolutionary and Communist, founded the Vietminh political organization and brought forth the strategy to drive the French out of Vietnam. B ... y years of Colonial rule. Taking advantage of the circumstances that World War II had provided, the Vietminh mounted a guerrilla war against the occupying forces of the Japanese. The Vietminh did have ...

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To what extent did guerrilla tactics of the Vietcong enable them to achieve victory?

Bao Dai's collaboration with foreign imperialists and Ho Chi Minh became leader and established the Vietminh (Independence) League which was committed to ridding the country of the Japanese and French ... store Bao Dai. This led to bitter fighting and the final defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu. The Vietminh were nationalists and communists, who treated the ordinary Vietnamese people with the respe ...

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Why did USA become involved in Vietnam in the 1950's and 1960's?

anese occupied the country. At the end of the war Ho Chi Minh organised a guerilla force called the Vietminh. He wanted to drive out the Japanese so that Vietnam would unite. But the French refused to ... les away, so they didn't see the point of the French ruling them. Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the Vietminh party who wanted independence. He was a communist and would have brought communist into Vie ...

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History of the Vietnam War

d China.However, a new enemy became involved. In 1940, Vietnam was invaded by Japan. The next year, Vietminh was formed under the guidance of Minh. Its goal was to gain independence from foreign rule. ...

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The USA was so committed to the containment of Communism that direct conflict was inevitable

emocratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) on 2 September 1945.Ho Chi Minh along with General Giap and the Vietminh were able to win Allied confidence through their operations against the Japanese during the ... of the Dong Minh Hoi by saying he was a Nationalist foremost, and a Communist second. This made the Vietminh a mixture of both Communists and Nationalists. He was able to advance the Vietminh cause wi ...

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ietnamese nationalists was to form a league for Vietnamese independence. This was also known as the Vietminh. Ho chi Minh, a communist led this organisation. Ho chi Minh declared independence from Fre ... ers surrounding it will. The French forces concentrated themselves around Dien Bien Phu, hoping the Vietminh would enter open conflict. After several weeks, the French were forced to surrender. They c ...

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What impact did Joseph McCarthy have on domestic politics in the USA?

mething had to be done in order to contain Communism. Also, as French left Vietnam during WWII, the Vietminh, led by communist Ho Chi Minh, combined forces of nationalism and communism. It was just so ...

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Why Did the US Intervene in the Vietnam War between 1946 and 1956?

s was demonstrated by the fact that the US was the main provider of firearms and weapons during the Vietminh's uprising against fascist Japan after 1941 (the formation of the Viet Minh, or the League ... gue for Vietnamese Independence). Throughout the course of the Japanese rule from 1940 to 1945, the Vietminh successfully expanded its base in Tokin and Annam, helping peasants in the proximity throug ...

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At the greatest level, what was the extent of the US combat power in Vietnam? Is the US better or worse off because they lost? Is Vietnam better or worse off because of the North?

e South. The US sent its troops to Vietnam to help the corrupted South Vietnam dictator against the Vietminh, and at the end, the US people started to question why they were in Vietnam in the first pl ...

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The significance of the Tet Offensive for the Vietnam War.

turning point in the Vietnam War.Militarily, the Tet Offensive showed the significance of Vietcong/Vietminh's military power and nowhere in South Vietnam was safe. On 31st of January 1968, the simult ... half of its soldiers killed so they had to move back to North Vietnam to retreat itself. Although, Vietminh failed to remove the US troops out of Vietnam but, they showed their military power and it ...

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The Lost Opportunity that was Indochina

EISENHOWER, 1953Having already given France more than $2 billion dollars to overcome the Communist Vietminh and continue the centennial French colonial ruling of Indochina, President Eisenhower, in 1 ...

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South Vietnam's failure to withstand communism.

bly in the late 60s and early 70s because of the long duration of the war, the determination of the Vietminh, and the fading hope for victorious. Tet Offensive in 1968 was where the North Vietnamese s ... tizens considerably. An U.S. Marine Lieutenant Philip Caputo once said in a CNN interview about the Vietminh, "Their fighting spirit did impress me. I'll say that the local guerrillas and even some of ...

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o patrol and guess what they haven't got back yet. I certainly don't want to be the next one. These VietMinh run strapped with explosives so when I try to kill them they blow up like bombs and destroy ... isn't possible considering you step outside for a second and your probably dead. There is too many VietMinh with too much ammunition.Today for lunch we had to share canned pasta, a big percentage of ...

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