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Vietnam: Affecting People Today

Vietnam: Affecting People TodayThe Vietnam War is still a touchy subject to many people. My Father w ... as a secretary. In this position he did not see many of the atrocities that most veterans did. Many Vietnam veterans are still today psychologically, physically, and emotionally damaged. For many, the ... maged. For many, the Vietnam War is still raging, but in a different place, inside their heads. The Vietnam War presented a new set of hopes and fears that many people had not faced before. The atroci ...

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Affects of Agent orange on veterains. short, sweet and straight to the point.

Agent OrangeAgent Orange is a defoliant, a plant killer that was used in Vietnam for "Territory Denial". The idea was that the VC wouldn't be so hard to kill if we could see ... to Agent Orange appears to multiply the chances of birth defects in the children of those exposed. Vietnam veterans and certain peasants in South Vietnam have the highest level of exposure of anyone ...

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Born On the Fourth of July

ry only to find himself abused and finally neglected by society and the people that put him over in Vietnam, the government. During the time of the war (1960s and 1970s), the United States was going t ... y and friends, and neglect from the government. This put many in a position to be anti-war and anti-Vietnam veterans. One of these veterans was Ron Kovic. Kovic, shot in action, became paralyzed from ...

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Vietnam Veterans.

er the battle at Ia-Dang Valley in 1965. Kenneth's feelings ring true for countless veterans of the Vietnam War. However, it was not until the 1980's that a significant effort was made to help Vietnam ... culties dealing with their actions or what they have witnessed in war. Yet, some critics argue that Vietnam veterans are receiving too much attention for their psychological disorders. The studies con ...

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Affirmative Action

essary to ensure the recruitment and employment of women, minorities, people with disabilities, and Vietnam veterans. Affirmative action is a term, which refers to a variety of efforts used by employe ...

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Sidewalk: The Street Vendors of 6th Avenue - A look at the Economic Sytems, Kinship, and Social Controls by which they live.

ack use in the 1980's. They range in age from mid-thirties to their late fifties. About a third are Vietnam veterans, and a few say they are HIV positive. The rest would rather not know. But there are ...

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Tim O'Brien: Bibliography

Best known for his fictional portrayal of the Vietnam War, Tim O'Brien is an American novelist and short story writer who has been compared to Ern ... unbelievably realistic. Besides the well-deserved guilt and shame and anguish invoked by the Vietnam War, Americans can also take rightful pride in the great national achievements. One was the ... ements. One was the anti-war movement of tens of millions of ordinary citizens, a movement in which Vietnam veterans and active duty soldiers eventually played a decisive role. The other major achieve ...

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Homeless Military Veterans

essness is a problem; it is an even greater problem with our countries military veterans. After the Vietnam War, tens of thousands of veterans came home to a hostile culture that offered little gratit ... adequate services, particularly to deal with the stresses of war. As a result, tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans still struggle with homelessness and drug and alcohol addictions. Veterans from the ...

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Half asleep, I stumbled on to Rochambeau’s school grounds. It

19 life-size statues of soldiers. It also has a wall with the faces of soldiers engraved in it. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a giant wall in the shape of a V. The wall has the names of all the sol ...

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What does it mean to be Australian?

fe to the fullest, fight right to the end; this courage has been by the Anzacs, the diggers and the Vietnam veterans literally, each significantly shaping and influencing Australian society.Jessica, a ...

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