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the construction

ore jumping into the different means of accessing 'The Net'.The Internet was developed primarily by Vinton Cerf, an American computer scientist, in 1973 as a part of a United States Department of Defe ...

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Decision-Making Techniques for Managers: Kaleidoscope Brainstorming

it is an attitude one maintains. Moreover, creativity is not something that happens on schedule."- Vinton Cerf, Senior Vice President, MCI.Brainstorming is defined as a method of shared problem solvi ...

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History of the Internet

development began on the protocol later to be called TCP/IP, it was developed by a group headed by Vinton Cerf from Stanford and Bob Kahn from DARPA. This new protocol was to allow diverse computer n ...

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Fathers of the Internet

provided many people communication and opportunities to find new interests, Robert Kahn along with Vinton Cerf made all this possible.Robert "Bob" E. Kahn and Vinton "Vint" G. Cerf, The inventors of ... to communicate with Friends and Family.Robert Kahn an American electrical engineer, who, along with Vinton Cerf, invented the transmission Control Protocol, the Internet Protocol, and the fundamental ...

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