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Beatles and rock music

s. Their ensemble were supplemented with solo guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums, sitar, and violins. They took advantage of the creative possibilities afforded by the multiple track tape recor ...

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Do the texts in Richard Strauss' Don Juan and Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion present a straightforward contrast between male figures of authority and passive women?

of masculine music through strong brass (especially the horn) and feminine music through high pitch violins, oboe and clarinet. His characters come alive as contrasting musical elements play and minds ...

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Music Critique Quartet Opus 110 No 8 in C minor & Quartet Opus 74 No 1 in C major.

74 No 1 in C major, composed by Joseph Hayden in 1793. Sally-Ann Djachencko and Philip Nixon played Violins first seat and second seat respectively while Yuri Djachencko played Viola and Amy Tucker pl ... written by Dmitri Shostakovich in 1960. In this piece Philip Nixon and Sally-Ann Djachencko played Violins first seat and second seat respectively. Being a contemporary piece of music we see chances ...

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Concert of Vivaldi, Mozart, Shuman works conducted by Richard Barrett.

c Periods.The first part of the concert was devoted to Vivaldi's work Concerto in F Major for Three Violins. It consisted to three movements Allegro, Andante, and Allegro. The first and the last movem ... gave a vivid contrast to the second movement Andante. That was a very slow movement played by three violins. It was a lyrical and expressive melody played in the minor key.The next work was a Sinfonia ...

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Psycho - by Alfred Hitchcock 1960 as compared to the 1998 version by Gus Van Sant.

chilling atmosphere. The music brings a sense of urgency to the credits. The atonal and screeching violins set a menacing repetitive tune, which replays throughout the film.With most films of that er ... silhouette of a woman, as it seems, baring a huge kitchen knife appears. Simultaneously the atonal violins kick in once again, screeching repetitively maximising the disturbing brutal and sinister at ...

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The History of the Viola. Where it originated and who created it.

en though the violin is better known in today's society, it is possible that violas appeared before violins because the Italian word for violin, violino, is derived from the word viola, although no on ... ecially compared to the amount of solo violinists. In the ordinary orchestra, there are about three violins to every viola, and sometimes more. Composers sometimes wouldn't even bother writing a viola ...

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Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder - Ethics and Musical Compositions.

a rather melancholy tune. A few notes later, an oriental-type form of music is heard, played by the violins. However, one can also hear the military drumbeats in the background. All these are clues th ...

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Slow Movement from Haydn's 'Emperor' Quartet OP. 76, NO. 3

he violin 1 part. The second violin is harmonizing the melody.Variation 1 is a duet between the two violins where the cello and the viola do not play. Violin 2 has the melody throughout the variation. ...

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A Comparison of the Musical Styles of Vivaldi and Corelli

onteverdi." Corelli's works consist entirely of string music apart from one sonata for trumpet, two violins, and continuo. The popularity of Corelli grew through the publications of forty-eight trio s ... ninety solo and trio sonatas, and roughly five hundred concertos (two hundred of which are for solo violins). Vivaldi was best known for his trio sonatas and concerto works. While both composers were ...

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How does Stravinsky combine the elements of music, introduced to you in Unit 3, to establish the atmosphere of the "Shrovetide Fair"?

mbre creates a new beginning (Theme A). The melodic interest is then taken over by Theme B with the violins that begin the crescendo which develops throughout the introduction. Stravinsky adds clarine ...

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Concert Attendance Report

four movements, Poco sostenuto - Vivace, Allegretto, Presto and Allegro con brio.The orchestra had violins, violas, cellos, basses, flutes, piccolo, oboes, English horn, clarinets, bassoons, horns, t ...

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During these last few years here at Spencer Van Etten,

t the age of two. My grandparents and parents wanted me to be a child prodigy. They bought a piano, violins and other musical instruments for me to learn. In other words, they literally wanted me to b ...

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