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Financial Transaction Tax

f international finance and increased interdependence inrecent decades has increased concerns about volatility and threats of a financial crisis.This has led many to investigate and analyze the origin ... an, 1991:93). This "herding" or "bandwagon" effect naturally cause wildswings in exchange rates and volatility in markets.Another argument for the evolution of financial market instability is closely ...

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Situation in iraq

oth sides deploy cherishedassumptions about everything from Saddam Hussein's sanity to the explosivevolatility of the "Arab Street." But a skeptical look at the sound bites suggests thatthe greatest r ...

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North American Monetary Union.

In recent years, there has been an ongoing debate over Canada's exchange rate policy because of its volatility and low value against the U.S. dollar. Canada has two reasons to be still in a floating e ... ith a fixed exchange rate regime between two countries. It would solve the problem of exchange rate volatility which has negative effects on productivity of Canadian firms and it would eliminate trans ...

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Importance of Exchange Rates in world economies

e Rates/The Case for Fixed Exchange Rates* fixed rates impose discipline on monetary policy* reduce volatility in prices; uncertainty* avoid costly hedging of exchange rate risk* destabilizing specula ...

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The unfinished recession

In this essay I would like to tell some words about the business cycle, recession and their volatility. A survey of the world economy (published in The Economist) was the basis of this work.Mo ... ruth is that there is no single cause of cycles". (9)The next issue I would like to focus on is the volatility of business cycles, and "why they has flattened". (12)Over the years, expansions have got ...

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Computer Storage vs. Computer Memory

ifference becomes obvious: storage is permanent while memory is only temporary. On the same note is volatility. RAM (the most commonly referred to type of memory) is considered volatile, and needs a c ...

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Volatility's fear

that India's financial managers suffer -- and have suffered for years -- from an excessive fear of volatility, and, while I am not, by this reference, advocating that senior RBI officers scuttle into ... y to live your life.In other words, the excessive fear India's financial stewards appear to have of volatility have, in my view, been constraining India's growth.While current market movements indicat ...

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The tyranny of `other income`

With the recent volatility of the rupee, more and more companies are seeing the "other income" component of their qu ... lls.This is particularly true for IT companies, whose top line has very little protection from this volatility.Equity analysts have sharpened their focus on this element of the accounts and, even thou ... "uncertainty" into their assessment of the company's future worth.The reality, however, is that the volatility of other income (or, more specifically, forex gain/loss) has very little to do with the a ...

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Are stock markets efficient?

expect only a fair return relative to the risk of purchasing a particular stock. Risk is defined as volatility. The greater the volatility of the stock or portfolio compared to the overall market, the ...

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Employee turnover in 4/5 star hotels in Durban, South Africa

l objectives. While it's truly amazing that such theories are valid in the present context when the volatility is the norm of the day. Originally developed in the West, these theories are fully applic ...

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Impact of Euro on Foreign Exchange rate risk

yt, Marston and Smithson, 1995) foreign exchange rate risk seems closely related to firm cash flows volatility. In 2001, Allayannis and Ihrig's theory (Allayannis and Ihrig, 2001) suggested that firm ... In 2001, Allayannis and Ihrig's theory (Allayannis and Ihrig, 2001) suggested that firm cash flows volatility is determined by the nature of firms. But because it's difficult to analyze most firms' c ...

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Bonds and The Bond Market

rably less than for most other forms of investment. The bond does not, for instance, experience the volatility of a stock on the stock market, like many other forms of investment do. Also, in instance ... ver the inflation rate, you must keep in mind that stocks carry a lot more risk than bonds do; this volatility could lead to an enormous loss in money if your money is not invested in the right compan ...

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SWOT Starbucks

xt few years) Threats Volatile coffee markets. (the supply and prices of the coffee experience high volatility) Rising dairy costs.Slowing US retail sales.(If current growth continues, saturation leve ...

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Team Communication

terized to be a dynamic process on its own, thus it is ever changing, ever moving and in a state of volatility.Team communication can be categorized into a group dynamics or group communication for it ...

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Of what use is information expected to be found in a set of published annual report and accounts to investors/shareholders ?

ucial for investment decisions, as the form and location of assets strongly influences the level of volatility of an invested sum, the future prospects it might generate for the shareholder. Also, it ...

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Calculate seasonally-adjusted quarterly revenue growth for 1996 to 1999 under Microsoft's old revenue recognition policy and under their new revenue recognition policy. How do they compare?

d revenue method nullifies this advantage. Also, for the same reason, adjusted method increases the volatility of the growth rate. For instance, when recognizing all revenue (adjusted growth), the mea ... tion from the mean over time, which was illustrated with a lower standard deviation. By having less volatility, the deferred revenue smoothed reported growth.Microsoft has always adopted conservative ...

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The U.S. Dollar in a modern global economy

lobal economy' in the late Twentieth Century has placed an extraordinary amount of dependency, ergo volatility, on U.S. currency. As we were so proud to take claim as the most modern and industrialize ...

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Assignment on Impact of Unemployment in US Economy

y detailed recent data. Theseparation rate is nearly constant while the job-finding rate shows high volatility atbusiness-cycle and lower frequencies. I review modern theories of fluctuations in thejo ... at the bottom shows the separations predicted fromemployment change. It demonstrates the declining volatility that has attracted much recentcomment. Although the employment-change component had littl ...

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Building Organizational Project Management Capability: Learning from Engineering and Construction

ined by appeal to the need for domain knowledge. For example, the rate of change of technology, the volatility of requirements, and the invisibility of software are all supposed to make IT project man ...

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Relationship between CAPM, E/E raitio, and size

rds mid year.β and SizeCAPM states thatE[ri] = rf + β ( E[rm] - rf )β represents the volatility of a stock or portfolio in relation to the entire market.When the stocks were put in to p ... beta;, there is clear evidence that β explains the variation of average return. The higher the volatility, the greater average return was generated by the portfolio.The two factors were then test ...

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