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Resistance in wires.

he wire about 5 times each at 5 different volts for the input. I measure the output voltage using a voltmeter and the current using an ammeter.Power packVariable resistorAmmeterWireVoltmeterVariables ...

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Investigating how the length of wire affects the resistance

ngth of wire.The circuit should be set up as in the circuit diagram below. It is important that the voltmeter is set up in parallel and the ammeter in series.Circuit Diagram:I will work out from the r ... t up in parallel and the ammeter in series.Circuit Diagram:I will work out from the readings of the voltmeter and ammeter the resistance in the circuit. This can be done using the formula:R=V/I Where ...

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Plan for Science Course Work The Resistance of Lengths of Wire

r this same reason I will use only one thickness and kind of wire.I will check that the ammeter and voltmeter that I use have their needles on zero before I integrate them into my circuit and I shall ... w I set up my circuit. Looking back I should have set it up as below.For my experiment I placed the voltmeter in the wrong place. I wanted to pass exactly two volts through my piece of test wire. Inst ...

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Electro-Static Revision Notes

erved, it cannot be created or destroyed.*Current measured with an ammeter, voltage measured with a voltmeter.*Current (I) = Charge (Q) / Time (t)*Coulomb (C) is amount of charge passing a point when ...

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Investigating how the resistance of a wire Changes with length

ugh the circuit not allowing them to rapidly conduct.ApparatusFor this experiment I used...*Ammeter*Voltmeter*Wires (with crocodile clips.)*Battery Pack*Meter stick*Nichrome WireThis diagram of the ex ... tual outcome of the experiment.MethodTo begin with we collected all the required equipment ammeter, voltmeter, wires (with crocodile clips), battery pack, meter stick, Nichrome wire. We set the up in ...

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Factors affecting the resistance of a wire

US:v NICHROME WIREv POWER PACKv METER RULERv CROCODILE CLIPSv SELLOTAPEv CONNECTION LEADSv AMMETERv VOLTMETERv VARIABLE RESISTORDIAGRAM:A VMETHOD:I started of with the experiment by setting up the cir ... y setting up the circuit as shown above. I had to be careful in connecting the circuit, because the voltmeter had to be placed in parallel and the ammeter, which had to be placed in series. The Nichro ...

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Diagnostic Test: 12V alternator Output test

nts; the reserve electrons build up and recharge the battery.Diagnosis1. With a multimeter/ voltmeter measure the battery voltage at the battery terminals with the engine turned off. Remember ... but with engine still running at fast idle), measuring the voltage at the battery with a multimeter/voltmeter.EvaluationReading for the first test should be approximately 12V (or slightly higher)Assum ...

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How the Length of a Wire Affects its Resistance

ohms (W).Equipment:The equipment that I will use is:- power pack- ammeter- voltmeter- 30 SWG (diameter) constantan wire- 1 metre ruler- leads- ... I will set up my experiment as shown in the diagram, with the ammeter connected in series and the voltmeter connected in parallel.2) I will stretch the wire out along the metre ruler and pla ...

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Resistance in a Wire.

METHOD:EquipmentNichrome WireRulerPower Supply2x Crocodile Clips4x WiresAmmetreVoltmeterBefore I started the experiment, I made a trial test using a type of software called "Focus ... olts, and then let the wire cool for about a minute.My results were not prefect as the ammeters and voltmeters only gave a reading to two decimal places. If they gave a reading of 0.03, it could have ... fect on the resistance. To make my readings more precise and reliable I would have an ammetre and a voltmeter that had at least three decimal places. In addition, instead of a wide crocodile clip, whi ...

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Lab: Specific heat capacity.

Connecting Wires Thermometer 200ml water Voltmeter Electronic scale NiCr-Wire Ampm ... wire heater) and not touching the beaker. Second, we should have recorded all the readings from the voltmeter and ammeter to keep the absolute uncertainties more accurate.In other words this experimen ...

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is 1ma (1ma Full scale meter). For each of these values of R in table V measure the voltage with a voltmeter (12 V Full-Scale).A. Variation of current with voltage keeping R constant.1. Applying Ohm' ...

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To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire.

e the nichrome wire as a conductor and I will be measuring the resistance by using an ammeter and a voltmeter because electricity can pass through the nichrome wire and the voltmeter will give me the ... arry out this experiment, which are; nichrome wire, stopwatch, power pack, crocodile clip, ammeter, voltmeter, circuit board and a ruler. I will the set it out in a complete circuit with the voltmeter ...

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Preliminary test - how different wire of different materials affect the resistance

the higher the resistance).Apparatus:RulerCopper wireBattery packNichrome wireCrocodile clipsAmmeterVoltmeterAluminium wireStep 1: I am firstly going to set up my circuit as demonstrated. I am going t ... the copper wire to begin with. It is important to remember to connect the ammeter in series and the voltmeter in parallel.Step 2: Once the circuit is connected up correctly and the clips are set to th ...

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An investigation into how the diameter of a wire affects its resistance

nd to do...Firstly a list of equipment:-Wire (preferably constantan) of Various thicknesses-Ammeter-Voltmeter-Power Pak-A piece of wood with two nails on each end-Connecting wiresYou will set up the a ... then switch on the powerpak, the current will now be flowing around the circuit and the ammeter and voltmeter will start reading the current and volts. You will record these readings, and turn off the ...

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This is a note/assignment for class

used.-Another way to compare electric current with the flow of water is to look at a water wheel.-A voltmeter measures the voltage drop in a circuit. The Si unit for voltage is (V)-An ammeter measures ...

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GCSE, Physics: What affects the resistance of a piece of wire?

I will be careful in using live wires.Apparatus:Power pack;Ammeter, accurate to 1hundreth of an amp;Voltmeter, accurate to 1hundreth of a volt;80cm length of 30 SWG constaintan wire;Meter ruler, measu ... wires;Selotapev I will set up the equipment as show in the diagram, with the power source off, the voltmeter will be in parallel over a 10cm section of the wire that is measured with the meter ruler ...

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Physic Sc1 Resistance Of A Wire

I will use is: battery pack, leads, ammeter, constantan wire (0.25 mm), ruler, crocodile clip and a voltmeter.I did a practical in which I chose to use constantan wire. It provided me with a good rang ... he current. The current must remain constant. The wavy line is the resistance wire. I will set up a voltmeter in parallel to the resistance wire. One end of the lead connected to the voltmeter will be ...

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Physics (Resistance Of A Wire) Plan

h affects the resistance of a wire. This means I will be taking readings from an ammeter and also a voltmeter at different lengths of a wire. It will be powered by a power pack in which I will change ... her experiment I do so I also think that the longer wire the bigger the voltage, which reads on the voltmeter. My predictive graph of length of wire/ current in amps will be curved ` Method: Set up th ...

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Experiment: Galvanic Cells

eakers between each test. Repeat the whole experiment to make it morereliable.Equipment: - 1× voltmeter- 2 × leads- 2 × crocodile clips- 2 × 50ml beakers- 30 × filter pap ... utions down the sink.Procedure: 1. The required materials and equipment was obtained. This included voltmeter, leads, crocodile clips, beakers, filter paper, copper electrode, 1 M copper(II) sulfate ( ...

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ges across Vag and Vbg, with the inductance set to 1H. Use the oscilloscope as well as with the DMM voltmeter over the same points.a. Vag should be around 9.6V peak-to-peak b. Vbg shou ... ges across Vag and Vbg, with the inductance set to 1H. Use the oscilloscope as well as with the DMM voltmeter over the same points. (Make sure that the scope is set for Direct Coupling "DC" not AC).a. ...

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