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Talking about investigating the resistance of a wire

this resistance. He then came up with a rule for working out the resistance of a circuit:V/I = RV - VoltsI - CurrentR - ResistanceBelow are the facts that I need to consider when investigating the res ... roduce the most efficient circuit for the experiment.Apparatus:Ammeter - 0-5 AmperesVoltmeter - 0-5 VoltsNichrome wire - different lengths- 50mm-600mmPower supply - Ac, 0-5 voltsRulerTape to place the ...

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This is an informative essay based on the facts on Taser Stun Guns and their use in the UK and the U.S.

aser guns release two darts- barb-tipped up to 21 feet. These darts, once fired will deliver 50,000 volts into the suspect's body, rendering them helpless for up to 5 seconds.Why are they being introd ...

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Which fruits can power a light best from the acidic level in them.

er electrode2. zinc electrode3. multimeter capable of measuring voltage4. flashlight light bulb 1.2 volts5. screw base or socket for light bulb6. wires7. aligator clips8. board for mounting the base o ... bulb?I think that citrus fruit can produce electricity but not enough to light a light bulb of 1.2 volts.ResearchMy experiment was to see of you could produce electricity from fruits. I got electrici ...

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Resistance in wires.

easure length of wireMasking tape - measure and tape against the rulerPower pack - supply energy in voltsVolt meter - measure the voltage in voltsVariable resistor - control the resistanceBrief: First ... ll carry out the experiment. I will change the length of the wire about 5 times each at 5 different volts for the input. I measure the output voltage using a voltmeter and the current using an ammeter ...

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Investigating how the length of wire affects the resistance

I will handle the power supply carefully.* I am going to only use a maximum voltage of 2 volts.* I will be careful when handling the mains equipment.* I will make sure I hav ...

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Resistance in a wire- good essay.

and 'R' being resistance. Voltage is sometimes called potential difference (PD). It is measured in volts. Potential difference is caused by the unbalanced state of atoms. When an electron leaves the ...

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Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

of a static charge to or from a human being cannot even be detected unless it is greater than 3,500 volts. ESD occurs continually when any two or more objects come into contact.The problem with ESD as ... problem with ESD as it relates to computers is that humans don't feel ESD transfers less than 3,500 volts, but most electronic computer devices are sensitive to charges at half this level. So, when yo ...

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Resistance of a Wire

tance of the wire in ?"ohms" and can be determined using the equation R=V/I where "V" is voltage in volts and "I" is current inamperes.L:- Is the length of the nichrome wire used in metres.A:- Is the ...

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Battery Experiment - Differences in power intake and usage of higher and lower quality and priced battery's.

. Repeat the above steps with the second battery.Results:BatteryCare:Started off with 1.585 Volts and ran for 21 minutes before it run out of the required amount of power to allow the motor to ... he required amount of power to allow the motor to function. Its final multi-meter reading was 0.572 Volts.Alkaline(Sanyo):Started off with 1.604 Volts and ran for 60 minutes with a result of 1.246 vol ...

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Capital punishment- the brutal answer for justice.

man sits immobile, strapped and bolted into the enforced chair. The switch is closed. One thousand volts of electricity surge into his delicate flesh, searing his nervous system. The man, despite his ...

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Resistance Investigation

e.5. Record Amp and Volt readings6. Repeat experiment using other lengths of wire.7. Record Amp and Volts for each experiment.8. Work out the resistance of each piece of wire and right in a table.Equi ... thing about the experiment instead of only changing the length. There was one strange result on the Volts results, however I do not know how this occurred and if I repeated the experiment I would prob ...

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To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire.

voltmeter because electricity can pass through the nichrome wire and the voltmeter will give me the volts produced and the ammeter will give me the amps produce, therefore these readings can be used t ... wire) and keep the length the same.- When carrying out the experiment I will use the same amount of volts going into the experiment, which will be 2 volts.SafetyTo keep my experiment safe for others a ...

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Resistance of a wire (GCSE corsework)

ifference provides push to drive the current round the circuit; potential difference is measured in volts. In a series circuit the potential difference supplied by the battery is divided up between co ... thick wire10. Once all the results are collected work out the ohms by using this11. formula. Ohms = Volts / Amps12. Then work out the average by adding all the ohms up for the length of wire then divi ...

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Electrocution is humane

a death without a torture.During the execution the first shock is delivered between 1,700 and 2,400 volts, which lasts for between 30 seconds and a minute. The first shock automatically destroyed the ...

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Physics Lab Report

ime we did this it didn't work, so we checked with the TA and found that we were supplying too many volts to the CRT. We were using 500V instead of 250V. We fixed this problem and a green dot appeared ... These are your readings from the chart on the end of the CRT: Y Movement (mm) X O Volts 0 0 2 Volts 1.5 2.5 4 Volts 2.5 4.5 6 Volts ...

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People Seldom stand up for what they believe in

in to the actor. Ultimately 65% of all of the "teachers" punished the "learners" to the maximum 450 volts. No subject stopped before reaching 300 volts! In conclusion it is not that people do not stan ...

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The History of Diesel Electric Locomotives

ent and developed about three horse power; later development generated twelve horse power using 250 volts, and incorporated electric braking function into the traction motors (Haut 23). About 1890 it ... tric motors (Haut 24). Some of the straight electric trains use high voltage between 3300 to 25,000 volts (Haut 27-32).In the 1890s, a German engineer successfully perfected the compression engine. To ...

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The Green Mile

the exercise yard, and to the right, leads to Old Sparky. Old Sparky, a death chair that sends many volts of electricity through the human body. Sometimes the switch has to be thrown twice if the pers ...

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The Green Mile

the exercise yard, and to the right, leads to Old Sparky. Old Sparky, a death chair that sends many volts of electricity through the human body. Sometimes the switch has to be thrown twice if the pers ...

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Critique of Milgram

e learner will receive steadily increasing electrical shocks. The shocks were ranged from 15 to 450 volts. The whole point of the experiment is to see how much ordinary person can obey with proceed in ... xperiment. He doesn?t want to take any responsibility for the Learner. When he gets shock up to 450 volts. But he continues answer the question with angry attitude.During the thirty experiment, the av ...

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