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Looks and disabilitys in businesses.

[1] Investigate The Employment Of People With DisabilitiesPhysical (mobility)Paralysis, loss of voluntary movement in a part of the human body, caused by disease or injury anywhere along the motor ...

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Discusses the symptoms, possible treatments and famous cases of ALS.

egenerative disease. ALS occurs when specific nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary movement gradually degenerate. It could be a result of viral infections, Apoptosis (progra ...

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Huntington's Chorea

r characterized by abnormal body movements called chorea, and loss of memory. Chorea is an abnormal voluntary movement disorder, one of a group of neurological disorders called dyskinesias, which are ...

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Phineas Gage

of his head, severely damaging his frontal lobes.One of the four lobes, the frontal lobe, controls voluntary movement, difficult problem solving, concentration, and organizing messages from the other ...

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Neural Engineering

ultaneous recordings from clusters of neurons in the motor cortex during the performance of skilled voluntary movement tasks. These cortical signals can be used to drive assistive devices, to program ... eveloped impressive animal models that involve recordings from various cortical areas during normal voluntary behaviors. These neural signals are usually filtered and processed to allow them to be use ...

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Basal Ganglia Disorders

08, p.171) that is associated with the higher functions of the brain. These functions include “voluntary movement, coordination of sensory information, learning and memory, and the expression of ...

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