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The matrix.

MorpheusCarrie-Anne Moss - TrinityJoe Pantoliano - CypherHugo Weaving - Agent SmithLarry & Andy Wachowski - Writers and DirectorsJohn Gaeta - Visual EffectsThe movie won several awards: The academ ... effort you make the more you prosperous.I didn't understand the whole philosophy of the movie. The Wachowski brothers wrote this movie together they like to put philosophy in they're movies such as " ...

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Digital Cinema & CGI - Virtual Cinematography surrounding the theme of Spatiality using Visual and Participant observation (An Ethnographic Exploration of the Matrix)

n" are the only qualities that can be perceived in the physical world" (63:1979, Schivelbush)In the Wachowski brothers' second Matrix sequel, The Matrix Reloaded (2003), one of the featured scenes 'Bu ... an. While CGI technology had been in use for some years in the cinema prior to the matrix, what the Wachowski brothers have done is define very precise moments of spatial transition, that ultimately h ...

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A film review/analyis of the 1999 movie, "The matrix"

There's no sophomore jinx for the Wachowski Brothers. Andy and Larry, a pair of obviously talented film makers, have returned to theat ... o the science fiction genre) are becoming increasingly more stupid and special effects reliant, the Wachowskis prove that style and substance do not have to be mutually exclusive.I loved The Matrix, a ... tasy, it rarely leaves the viewer completely confused (except, perhaps, at the very beginning). The Wachowskis have carefully structured the story in such a way that the audience is capable of followi ...

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Philosophy Of The Matrix

on the philosophical aspects of life. This film was showed a different view on life. Larry and Andy Wachowski, the directors and writers, wanted their ideas of where life was from and where it was goi ... eator knew how to break free from the computer, but died before he was able to undo what he did.The Wachowskis introduced us to Thomas A. / Neo Anderson, played by Keanu Reeves, in the beginning of th ...

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The Matrix

odern ideal, The Matrix integrates a number of ideologies. The storyline is rife with subtexts; the Wachowski brothers manage to fuse together ideas from Buddhism, Gnosticism, Platonic philosophy, Chr ... ence of being drawn out of the Matrix are fascinating. A stark example is found in the way that the Wachowski brothers use the metaphor of light and eyesight. Once Neo is drawn up by crane out of the ...

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A reflection of Odysseus and Modern Day Heroes "The Odyssey" by Homer

re Neo fights off about thirty agents with his bare hands. As depicted in the script written by the Wachowski Brothers, "Their attack is a devastating onslaught of speed and power closing in around Ne ... a mirage, slipping and flipping around them in a deadly counter attack, heaving agents in the air" (Wachowski Brother, 18). Neo's superhuman strength and athleticism is comparable to Odysseus. Both ch ...

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