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Analysis of Napoleon as an individual in history; particular attention is paid to Napoleon's role as emperor and the abilities that allowed him to accomplish his fantastic achievements,

Even when I am gone, I shall remain in people's minds the star of their rights, my name will be the war cry of their efforts, the motto of their hopes." (Napoleon Quotes)Napoleon's Character: Driven t ... ct of The Enlightenment,... Having entered into a life of action, he still remained a thinker. This warrior was never happier than in the silence of his own study, surrounded by papers and documents. ...

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was known in advance to happen but allowed to happen to stimulate the USA Economy by USA Involvement in WW2 primarily in the Nuclear Energy Industry.

Pearl Harbor's attack on America that started America's involvement in World War 2 could have been prevented and was only allowed to happen to create excuse for America to enter ... d have been prevented and was only allowed to happen to create excuse for America to enter the war. War is the health of the State (Zinn 168). Our industrial complex is based on war. War creates jobs ... lps the economy. At this time in our history America was in recession and badly needed a pick up so war was the only answer. The whole world was suffering from recession and to avoid, none more eviden ...

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Death: The High Price of Life

ack. Vickers's only regret is that he didn't get to carve a swastika beside the misspelled Japanese war cry" (Leibowitz 142). Four years later, "After a fellow killer, Holsinger...made a suggestive re ... ing Hitler-type status that the death penalty cannot be abolished. What about those who are not so aware of their crime's magnitude? People like the mentally disabled and juveniles. What about the vic ...

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"Vain, boastful and blundering, his ambition far exceeded his ability to realise them." Is this judgement of Mussolini realistic or too harsh?

The aftermath of the First Wold War saw the foundation of the fascio di Combattimento on March 23rd 1919 in Italy. This party, heade ... iume escapade taught him how to create a sense of power among his followers, even incorporating the war cry of the Arditi ("Ayah, ayah, alala!" (Lee, p.109, 2000)) in his Fascist movement. According t ... ned in 1922. "This personification of power had inherent dangers as, eventually, the bluff turned inwards" (Lee, p.110, 2000). And as Mack Smith argues (1981 cited Lee 2000), "Mussolini fell victim to ...

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?If you came here to see spandex and big hair, this ain?t your band?, Metallica?s ?war cry? throughout the early eighties. While the rest of the hard rock bands wanted to get rich and ... n Newstead, ?Cold?. A bassist would come in for only a few minutes and would be sent out right afterwards. Metallica ended up with Jason Newstead as their new bassist. To welcome in their new bassist, ...

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Feminism, Futurism, and Sex: Maternal Conflict in Select Works by Mina Loy

by asserting in large underlined font to "be brave and deny at the outset- that pathetic clap-trap war cry woman is the equal of man- for she is NOT!" (153) and that "men and women are enemies, with ... iming of words like, "bitch," "whore," and "cunt," considered by the second wave to be derogatory towards women, again this was a trend that started noticeably with Riot Grrrl musicians. This word rec ...

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Effects of Media Violence

quoted saying “…that the sound of a three-year-old boy yelling ‘Cowabunga’ is a war cry that can unleash chaos in the classroom. ‘Suddenly, we are faced with a little gang of ... lize what a violent kid I actually was. My daycare years, my friends and I would spend having daily wars with the older kids. Not pretend wars but actual fights and skirmishes between the two gangs of ...

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