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A Bookreport on Agatha Chrisie's "And Then There Were None"

bee was found buzzing around the room.The rest of the murders continued to follow the poem. Justice Wargrave, known to be a hanging judge, was shot in the head. Dr. Armstrong turned up on the rocks, h ... sage in a bottle, the confession of the murderer. The murderer was the judge, Justice (or Lawrence) Wargrave. During the story, he had teamed up with Dr. Armstrong, and convinced him that they should ...

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A biography on John Lawrence Wargrave from Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None

Lawrence John Wargrave, sane... or insane? Many people would think Wargrave, "the hanging judge." (Christie 262) a ... e laws arms. He started planning as soon as he started to think he "wanted to kill..."(263). Wargrave wanted to "commit a murder"(263), but "The innocent must not suffer"(263) so he made sure t ... leagues, or old acquaintances. Inevitable... their deaths were inevitable, all life has an end, but Wargrave wanted to take it step further... he wanted them to suffer accordingly for their misdoings. ...

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"And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie

ommitted murder themselves. Thus, the killings on Indian Island are arguably acts of justice. Judge Wargrave does the work of detective and murderer by picking out those who are guilty and punishing t ... hem. Whether we accept the justice of the events on Indian Island depends on both whether we accept Wargrave's belief that all the murder victims deserve their deaths and whether we accept that Wargra ...

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"And Then There Were None", Film analysis of a modern film based on Agathie Chrisitie's Novel

fear .The novel is about 8 guilty criminals (Emily Brent, Phillip Lombard, Vera Claythorne, Justice Wargrave, Dr. Armstrong, Tony Marston, Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Rogers, general Macarthur and William Blore) ... nursery rhyme. The film is also about 8 (Marian Marshal, Phillip Lombard, Vera Claythorne, Justice Wargrave, Dr. Werner, Tony Marston, Elmore, Mrs. Rogers, General Macarthur and William Blore) crimin ...

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Title: And then there were none Author: Agatha Christie Setting:

14 killed John& Lucy Combes Thomas & Ethel Rogers May 6 1929 killed Jennifer Brady Lawrence Wargrave June 10 1930 killed Edward Senton This book is about 10 people who are told to go to Indian ... hat the judge was missing. They searched frantically. Armstrong looked in the drawing room he found Wargrave but he was dead, he was shot. And once again they were all struck with another death it was ...

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The Application of Justice - And Then There Were None

re forced to come to terms with their past actions as they wait for their "death sentence". Justice Wargrave is the administrator of the law and the killings on Indian Island are merely prosecutions w ... proach by introducing the characters to offenses which are not punishable through any normal means. Wargrave's overwhelming desire to instil justice, therefore, leads him to deviate from the norm and ...

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for the first time in forever

kicked out of her house. Miss Brent dies from a dose of cyanide injected into her neck.Mr. Justice WargraveWargrave is an old judge who is accused by the gramophone of having murdered Edward Seton, a ... phone of having murdered Edward Seton, a man over whose trial he presided. The reader believes that Wargrave is the sixth murder victim on the island, but the final chapter reveals that Wargrave is th ...

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