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Sparta: Uncultured Discipline

Sparta: Uncultured DisciplineThe Spartans were the most formidable warriors in all of history. They dedicated their entire lives to warfare. They were taught to endure ... vory or spices ceased. Obviously the taste for such indulgences was denied when the Spartans became warriors. They disliked trade so much that instead of coins they used heavy iron rods for money. The ... or a while it seemed like all these sacrifices were worthwhile. Indeed the Spartans were impressive warriors, even when outnumbered. In 480 B.C a force of 300 Spartans held Thermopylae, a vital pass d ...

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The definiton of civilized

ifices, to their Gods,in which they torn out their victims heart with a knife, and their priests andwarriors proceeded to eat the victims flesh. Yet, the Aztec were consideredto be one of the most civ ...

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The Poem of The Cid

El Cid is an epic tale that tells of legendary warriors and kings. It was written about theyear eleven hundred and has unkown author. The story cen ...

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This essay talks about evil, and how it's inside all of us. It makes references to Macbeth and Lord of the Flies

ginning of evil. Macbeth is the perfect example of this. Macbeth, one of king Duncan's most popular warriors, killed Duncan because the witches told him that he will be king, but they did not say how ...

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The effects of film on WWII propaganda

e public support, and some of these nation's foremost intellectuals, artists, and filmmakers became warriors on that front. Propaganda in the broadest sense is the technique of influencing human actio ...

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children. Especially during the battle scenes, there was no screaming or crying at all. I felt the warriors could have been more into the killing of the men. Other than that the movie was quite inter ... eative. And the fur that hid their faces added mystery to the movie. The makeup and costumes on the warriors could have been so much better. They went through a whole battle, but their shirt or pants ...

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Devolpment of Desire. Comparision between Odyssey, Beowulf, Knight in the Cart

r do change with each warrior. At the beginning we have a warrior with one mission, which later the warriors become more challenged and have to change ideas and concepts to continue. The evolution of ... oughout Europe were trying to keep their different identities alive. To accomplish such a feat, the warriors of this era had to have an ideal that connected them to their tribe, but ,above all, the wa ...

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The Samurais, The ultimate Stoics

rais, The Ultimate StoicsFor seven centuries, the Samurai were Japan's warrior class. As a class of warriors and knights, they dominated society in feudal Japan. Their code or "Way ofthe warrior", bus ... e of freedom from fear(WorldSurfari-www), and for these reasons, The Samurai werethe ultimate stoic warriors.The word samurai was derived from the Japanese wordfor service, saburau(Grolier Electronic ...

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of the matter is that the vast majority of these men were common opportunists, if noteworthy naval warriors. The profit motive was the driving force behind almost all of their expeditions, and a succ ...

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Kings of Heros, the Essay relates Gilgamesh and Oedipus as two Heroic kings.

llustrated instantly in the story's beginning. "His lust leaves no virgin to her lover, neither the warriors daughters nor the wife of the noble," (13). Gilgamesh takes advantage of his people by havi ...

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The origins of the Knights Templar and their effect on Christianity. It includes interesting facts and some personal reflection.

ut they chose the contrary.Noteworthy about the knights is that they were more like monks than like warriors. They took three perpetual vows, just one crusaders vow, and promised to follow the austere ...

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Horsed cavalry and horsemanship, as it reached its perfection when it was finally relegated to history.

d the spectacular Swiss pikeman almost eliminated the cavalry from the Western battlefields. Horsed warriors were mostly to be found in the tournaments which were just a sport spectacle detached from ...

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The anger of achilles in the poem "The Iliad" and how if affected him

n, and not having the pride of a warrior to fight in battle.First, war prizes were very valuable to warriors. This showed property or ownership of a person and how good of a warrior they were Briseis ...

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Comparing Feudal System to Caste System

rds and the knights made up the nobility which was similar in India's system, where the priests and warriors made up the nobility. In both, the class right below the emperor or king and the military a ... t powerful and noble. In the caste system , women had hardly any rights and could not be priests or warriors, therefore they could never be in the upper class. In the feudal system, although ladies ha ...

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A comparative between the "The Lone Ranger" and "Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven", by Sherman Alexie and Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko.

With The Light Of Knowing" My forefathers were warriors.Their son is a warrior. FromThem I take only my existence.From my tribe I take nothingI hav ...

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The Trail of Tears.

, many were Christians. They had an organized system of government and a body of law.The Chiefs and Warriors signed the treaty, realizing they had no option. For doing this the government officials gu ...

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Body Art vs. Self Mutilation.

en painful practices usually marked a rite of passage or indicated an act of bravery and courage in warriors. The art of tattoos have existed for more than 5300 years, appearing on all continents that ... with images of Egyptian gods such as Ra, the Sun god, as well as the fierce goddess Neith, who led warriors into battle. The first known tattoo of a person was of the god of sex and overseer of orgie ...

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Comparison of Hrothgar and Beowulf as Kings.

Beowulf's help in overcoming Grendel and his mother. A king received respect for wealth, fame, and warriors, during the time in which the poem Beowulf takes place. However, a king should go beyond th ... le Beowulf comes off short. Beowulf, a true hero rather than a true king, obtains wealth, fame, and warriors but acts independently and rashly, as a hero should.Both Hrothgar and Beowulf present thems ...

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Theme Analysis of Beowulf.

cording to expectations of the duties of a lord when he lavishly rewards Beowulf and the other Geat warriors for ridding the Danes of Grendel's menace.But the thanes have their obligations too. (A tha ... can the society survive, because the world depicted in Beowulf is a ruthless and dangerous one. The warriors must be prepared for battle at all times. Only in the mead-hall is there any respite from t ...

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The origin of the Crusades.

pe at this time was a respected man, Urban II. When Urban II was asked to start a religious band of warriors, he could just not turn this idea down. Urban II started talking about fighting for their f ... t are still to come, but many people died in those days. Essentially, no one should ever forget the warriors that died fighting for their Religion and belief. The Crusades were one of the most notewor ...

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