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Basic concepts and example in entropy (physical chemistry)

reaction which absorbed heat and result in a less ordered/more disorder substance):Phase change of water from liquid to water vapour.Water in liquid states is highly hydrogen bonded, since each water ... highly hydrogen bonded, since each water molecule is hydrogen bonded to at least one or more other water molecule. (individually, each hydrogen bonds can be easily broken and reformed, however there ...

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Bottled Water

A couple of decades ago, people turn to the tap for drinking water. Now, most people, both young and old, drink water from bottles. In fact, the demand for bottl ... lion-peso business in the country today.Why is there a substantial growth in the demand for bottled water? The main reason is the increasing health consciousness of the people. Many people prefer bott ... usness of the people. Many people prefer bottled water because they question the cleanliness of tap water. The quality of tap water has been decreasing. To be safe, people choose bottled water to avoi ...

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The Biological Importance of Water.

The Biological Importance of WaterWater is a simple molecule, made of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms in the ratio of 2:1, yet it ... fundamental to life. In active living cells, two-thirds, or often more, of the area is occupied by water, and two-thirds of the globe is covered in water. Water is therefore extremely abundant, and i ... ological terms it has great importance both inside cells, and externally, for example as a habitat. Water is the most abundant component of any organism. Humans are 60% water, and most organisms are 6 ...

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"What Will it Be, Acrylic or Watercolor?"

Most people that have ever painted a painting, even if it was grade school know that watercolor paint is fairly unique. One kind of paint in particular that differs from watercolor, wou ... type of paint is used, the final product has the potential to become a beautiful painting. Although watercolor and acrylic are both paints, they each have a distinct texture and process that helps the ... t to be used with an acrylic medium because of its thick consistency. This medium can be mixed with water to make a less opaque mixture but it is not required. When acrylic paint is wet it can be easi ...

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Biology Practical to study the Osmosis effects of Sucrose solutions of different Molarities upon Plant Cells (Chinese Radish and Potato Chips)

o investigate Osmosis in Plant CellsAimThe aim of this experiment is to investigate the movement of water by osmosis in and out of plant cells across a semi permeable membrane in sucrose solutions of ... mic equilibrium is when two opposing actions occur at the same rate, in the case of osmosis this is water moving in and out of a cell at the same rate. Static equilibrium is when there is no action ta ...

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Biome Desert and Food Chain

in at all.When we think about deserts, we think about limiting factors.These factors include:Liquid Water:on earth, liquid water is necessary for life. Some life forms survive periods when water is no ... eds. Insects and unicellular life forms can also wait out drought. Sooner or later, however, liquid water is necessary. Survival is essential, but it is not all of life. Without growth and reproductio ...

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Biology investigation osmosis

entrated sugar solutions increase or decrease in mass.Background knowledgeOsmosis is the passage of water molecules from a weaker, dilute, solution into a stronger, more concentrated, solution through ... oncentrated solution on the right. To even out the solutions a semi permeable membrane allows small water molecules to pass through it from the dilute to the concentrated solution.Turgidity and Flacci ...

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This is a biology paper about the Phylum Porifera!!! Uses the example of Sponges(a member of the phylum Porifera)

nown as Coelogyne..Sponges feeding system is also very unique. They compete this task by sucking in water and filtering out the food particles. Sponges take in one ton of water only to receive one oun ... articles. Sponges take in one ton of water only to receive one ounce of food. Sponges actively pump water through its tiny canals and chambers. The interior of the sponge is lined with flagellated cel ...

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Cause and effect: The sun is the cause of all life on earth

to the sun. The heat from the sun keeps Earth from freezing; it contributes to providing life with water, and it directly supplies energy to plants, as well as much more. Because of the sun, Earth ha ... ould survive.The sun also contributes to weather. It evaporates the oceans, and then the evaporated water turns into clouds. The clouds are taken around the world by the jet stream. Rain is produced f ...

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Alternative Energy

gen itself. With benefits such as low-cost production, very abundant, and the only by-product being water, hydrogen proves to be our most efficient alternative energy source.Gasoline, the very popular ... the universe, but it could be produced by simple electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process in which water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. If we switch to hydrogen, a very abundant resource, we take ...

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AP Biology Enzyme Synthesis Lab Report

oduction and Overview- In this lab, we will observe the conversion of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water and oxygen gas. An enzyme known as catalase facilitates this conversion reaction. The catalase ... in this case is hydrogen peroxide. The enzyme changes these substrates into products, in this case water and O2 gas. The purpose of this lab is to observe and measure the rates of conversion of hydro ...

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Apart From America-Descriptive Essay

rise gradually make its way up over the horizon. Tiny dots of fishermen boats lazily bobbing on the water always made me smile. The strong smell of fish and salt from the ocean mixing together created ... lling people to bring their boats on the next dock and informing others about the conditions of the water. It was sometimes a dizzying sight, but still beautiful.I would always walk around on the dock ...

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ationship between amino acids and dipeptides. Explain the use of two named enzymes in biotechnology.Water is the molecule made up of hydrogen and oxygen and it plays a key role in an existence of livi ... ing points and the cooling effect of evaporation.Transparency means that light can pass through the water and reach chloroplasts where it is used in the process of photosynthesis. Cohesion occurs when ...

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Bottled water

Bottled Water Bottled water is the new wave of the future. Millions of Americans are buying it. Here are som ... the future. Millions of Americans are buying it. Here are some facts you should know about bottled water before you buy.Of course, when people go to the store to buy water, they think they are gettin ... ourse, when people go to the store to buy water, they think they are getting the freshest most pure water on the earth. Well, even though almost all of the water is safe, the question is where does it ...

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How to build a pond

of restfulness in an area of interest. And always draws a viewers attention.Creating an artificial water feature that looks like it has always been there can be a challenge. The surrounding should be ... ke it has always been there can be a challenge. The surrounding should be carefully examined. Since water always sinks to the lowest part of a landscape it would look unnatural to have it in a slope o ...

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Agriculteral Pollution

on with reduction and prevention, so why should this exclude farmers? Farming is a leading cause of water pollution today. Industry thought they could get away with it and they were finally stopped. U ... it and they were finally stopped. Using fertilizers and pesticides that can leak into the drinking water should be made illegal, just as it was made illegal for factories to dump their waste into the ...

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Biological Importance of Water

The Biological Importance of Water Water is a liquid that is colorless, transparent and odorless. It is one of the most important ... important biological systems and it has many unique properties that make it essential to all life. Water exists in nature in all three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas), and it also covers 75% of ... id, liquid, gas), and it also covers 75% of the earth and composes roughly 78% of our body. Most of water's unique properties are a result of the hydrogen bonds between water molecules.Structure of Wa ...

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Blessing Commentary

ught (Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker). The poem talks about the villagers' reaction when they encounter water on a hot day. One of the perpetually noticeable ideas is that water is highly essential and th ... eligious references the poet enriches the meaning of the poem and conveys vividly the importance of water.The subject of the poem is water: how it is a necessity and the scarcity of water in the area ...

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The waterpenniesQuestion:How many drops can a penny hold?Hypothesis:We think that all pennies will have ... look the same so they will all have the same amount of drops.Materials:We used: 5 pennies, regular water, soapy water, beakers, goggles, cups, trays and napkins.Procedure:We start off with the regula ... do the same steps to each penny, and record the data.Then we continue the procedure with the soapy water. Recording each penny's data and checking how many drops each penny can hold. ( we're doing th ...

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