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Cooling Water and Exponential Funtions

The Water Cooling ExperimentDuring this lab we measured, using our CBL's and graphing calculators, the c ... measured, using our CBL's and graphing calculators, the change in temperature of a glass of boiling water left to cool in a room. The purpose of the lab is to see how exponential functions can be appl ... ial functions can be applied to real-life applications. During the experiment I'm expecting for the water temperature to decrease as soon as the water is taken of off the heating device. If the water ...

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Does WARM water freeze quicker than COLD water!!!

Does warm water freeze faster than cold water?Experimental evidence seems to indicate that hot water does inde ... ld water?Experimental evidence seems to indicate that hot water does indeed freeze faster than cold water - this seems counterintuitive and there are a number of different explanations for the phenome ... nt to study it in depth so there are not clear answers to the cause.Thermal contact argumentThe hot water melts the ice under the tray and when it refreezes there is more surface area in contact with ...

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This is a Biology Report that includes a hypotheses, thesis statement, materials, problem, data, conclusion, research, and procedure.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: What affect does water temperature have on the amount of light given off from a fishing glow-stick?RESEARCH: Some adv ... the fishhook. Many of the Washington State rivers are between 2 and 10 degrees Celsius. The marine waters of Puget Sound are often between 6 and 9 degrees Celsius.HYPOTHESIS: If the water is cold the ... S: If the water is cold then the glow stick will be bright because background information indicates water heated above 37 degrees Celsius the glow stick won't work properly.MATERIALS:2 Glow Sticks2 Be ...

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re there any dangerous creatures? All of these questions should be answered before you get into the water. Cold water can be very dangerous if you're not prepared. Without the proper wet suit y ... per wet suit you could possibly suffer from severe heat loss, so it is important to find out if the water temperature is right for you beforehand. Current can be very dangerous when snorkeling. Even t ...

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An essay describing why water/gallium expand when frozen.

Why Stuff ExpandsThere is a reasonable explanation to the question of why water expands both when heated and cooled. Not only is the explanation reasonable, but the effects o ... their own advantages and disadvantages as well.This process of expansion by cooling starts when the water temperature nears 4° C. The hydrogen atoms begin to line up into neat rows of six molecule ... ty, except for the slight drop that is common with most matter just before solidification. Once the water temperature has dropped to 0° C, the rows of molecules connect at the ends to form an open ...

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The Australian Great Barrier Reef: threats, stakeholders, government plans.

land: Cane farmers in northern Queensland have had to reverse the cycle of the wetlands so that the water leaves the land quickly, in order for their cane crops to survive. The problem with the water ... , is that it drags the topsoil and various other harmful agricultural chemicals with it. That dirty water then filters into the river catchments that feed the Great Barrier Reef. This water turns into ...

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Life in Antarcitca

the animals leave Antarctica. Most of the small sea life, such as Krill, moves to places where the water temperature is more stable. Animals that eat Krill either change their diet or follow the Kril ... can be hundreds of metres across and up to 15-20 metres deep. The packs of Krill sometimes make the water look orange. The krill mainly feed on phytoplankton and are eaten by most Antarctic wildlife, ...

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This project will seek to investigate two ponds of apparently different ecosystems in Auchlyne Estate and Whim Village.

d contrast the environmental conditions present in the two aforementioned ecosystems.To analyze water temperature, water pH, water density and dissolved oxygen levels of these two ecosystems.To ... re carried out and observations were made in determining the parameters affecting the ecosystems.Water pHThe water pH was found by using a pH meter to test samples of water ascertained from both ar ...

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The Reactivity of Metals. This report give an experiment showing how to find the most to least reactive metal.

By Sahil Dixit 11.06 Chemistry ExperimentAim:To compare the reactivity of metals in oxygen, water and a diluted acid, and rate the metals from most reactive to least reactive.Apparatus:6 X mag ... atus:6 X magnesium strips6 X calcium strips6 X copper strips6 X iron strips6 X zinc strips300 mL of waterBunsen BurnerTongs (metal and wooden)6 X Medium sized test tubesFunnel20 Ml of Dilute Hydrochlo ...

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Lab-Potassium nitrate(KNO3) in water

Chemistry Lab- KNO3 in waterTo start with, I want to say that this is not a normal lab report, but merely some raw data. An ... a lab where we were supposed to find out at what temperature Potassium nitrate (KNO3) was solved in water. To do this, we needed a beaker, test-tube, weighing scale and something to check the water te ... of grams of Potassium nitrate (KNO3) in a test-tube. Thereafter we poured some a constant amount of water (H2O) in the test-tube, which in this case was 4 ml. We then put this test-tube in a beaker fi ...

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nds that can reach up to 250 km/h. A cyclone starts off in the sea where the winds are calm and the water temperature is at least 240. Warm air pushes upwards at a fast rate while cold air is sucked i ...

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Large mouth bass

e gulp the fly is gone and so is the bass. The large mouth bass is one of the best predators of the water. With no warning of attack it jumps out and kills its prey. The large mouth bass uses many of ... eristics of the bass remain the same nort and south. The large mouth bass spawn in the spring, when water temperatures begin to move past sixty degrees fahrenheit. The spring spawning urge in a bass i ...

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The Hungry Ocean

s relating with fishing, such as fishing equipment, navigation tools, boat maintenance, weather and water temperature, and all of the electronic devices that she uses. She uses interpersonal skills wh ... other captains everyday at 10am, utilize electronic devices, review weather reports and examine the water temperatures with the temp bird. All of these factors were carefully observed when deciding wh ...

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The effect of Temperature on Beetroot Membranes

lain leaks out. The amount that leaks out can be assessed, as the leaked out pigment will color the water surrounding the cells. This information can be used to find out how temperature affects cell m ... affects cell membranes.HypothesisExposing the beetroot cells to a liquid environment (in this case water) with a temperature of 0 oC will keep the membranes intact because there is not energy transfe ...

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