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Accounts for the fall of the Weimar Government using extensive historiography.

The collapse of Weimar Germany, the democratic government that only remained in power for a decade, was a result of ... of great upset for essentially all Germans, who often associated it with the coming to power of the Weimar government. The terms of the treaty were not harsh enough to stamp out all resistance in Germ ... The rumour that the German army had been stabbed in the back by politicians who belonged to the new Weimar government, amongst other less related groups, such as the Jews. While hatred of the treaty w ...

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German and Sonderweg. Was Germany's development prior to WWII normal or abnormal.

ication of both of these concepts, on their face appearing as paradoxes, is difficult, however, for Weimar Germany these notions were enormously powerful, seemingly influencing great masses of people ...

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The Life & Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche: Timeline

Born: 1844. Rocken, GermanyDied: 1900. Weimar, GermanyMajor Works: The Gay Science (1882),Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883-1885),Beyond Good &a ...

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What allowed Hitler to gain support up to the Munich Putsch

e main reasons for Hitler's rise to power 1923 were the social, economic, and political problems of Weimar Germany. These problems were instrumental in his control over the people.One reason Hitler wa ... pride, and to form a 'pure German state.' The German people hated the provisional government of the Weimar Republic, partly because it couldn't get anything done due to the large amount of conflict wi ...

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How did problems in Weimar Germany allow Hitler to gain popularity in 1923, causing the rise in membership in the German Worker's Party from 6,000 to 55,000?

zis. From 1923, the number of members of the Nazis rose from 6,000 to 55,000. Certain conditions in Weimar Germany at the time accounted for this dramatic rise in membership, namely the political inst ... e coalition government, in part because of the discord in the left wing. After the formation of the Weimar Republic, five or six major parties had survived from the imperial period and a coalition gov ...

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Artists in the Weimar Republic

Weimar CultureIn the period after the First World War, the Weimar republic was in a deep political s ... . However, its culture was flourishing. The culture was already present in pre-war Germany, but the Weimar Republic and its promotion of free thinking allowed these ideas to surface. Among the many gr ... survived because of the emigration of the artists to the United States.The art, film, and music in Weimar Germany were some of the greatest produced in the world at that time. Film was especially wel ...

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Art and culture in between the World Wars

History assignment- Discuss the flourishing cultural successes of Weimar Germany from 1924~19291924~1929 was recognized as "The Golden age of Weimar Germany"; hyperin ... ion was lowered by a considerable proportion, reparation was eased, reconstruction was successful...Weimar Germany was in an era of tranquility. During that period of time, Germany developed its cultu ... and film. But the developments all had a unanimous topic- they were almost all about war.The art in Weimar Germany was a bit dark since World War I just washed over Europe, the art pieces were all qui ...

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What can explain Hitler's Inexplicable rise to the Chancellery?

he Reichstag during the early 1930s. The Nazis only had 12 seats in the Reichstag in 1928 since the Weimar Republic was still in its glorious time of success, the tranquility made almost all the Germa ... r lowest peak. But by the time Great Depression and the death of Gustav Stresemann shocked Germany, Weimar Germany went into chaos; unemployment rose by a million, inflation occurred since the loans f ...

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What were the problems in Weimar Republic from 1919-1923?

The problems that occurred in Weimar Germany were unavoidable, considering the drastic different changes of the government before ... ernment. After the defeat of Germany, the right blamed all Germany's problems on the new democratic Weimar government. The army leaders in order to protect their reputation devised a myth called Dolch ... rmined the social stability between different groups of people, but also undermined the position of Weimar Germany. Weimar Republic was seen to be the result of the defeat of Germany and it was led by ...

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Nazi Appeal And The Limitations Of Democracy

bal stage,Germany was ill-suited to adopt a democratic government yet it did exactly this.The Weimar Republic, a parlimentary democracy, was thus born into a less thanenthusiastic German natio ... rench moved in to occupy the industrial Ruhr region, furtherexacerbating the soaring inflation of Weimar Germany. The government responded byemploying passive resistance to the French forces and ...

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