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Vietnam: Affecting People Today

amps of Vietnam are still affecting people today.Back in the 1960's, life for a teen-ager was not a whole lot different than it is now. Teenagers drove their cars around 'cruising' for the opposite se ... weren't afraid of going to war, or at least that's what they thought. Others were mellow about the whole situation, some were enraged and protested, and yet others saw the war as something they could ...

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Life of Georg Simon Ohm

e is even a College named after him: Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule Nuernberg. To much dismay not a whole lot has been written about him. Usually you will find a paragraph of the summary of his life. ...

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Central (get it)HA!HA! InRwanda there are about seven hundred and ten per square which inmy mind a whole lot of people I don't think even San Bernardinohas that many but what do I know. Rwanda is twe ... st multiplyseven hundred and ten by twenty six thousand three hundred andeighty eight and you get a whole lot but when I looked in the bookit said seven million two hundred twenty two thousand people. ...

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the uses of lasers and about lasers

t can be used in medical surgery. Lasers are used in the army,not for guns, for range finding and a whole lot more.Most people don't know where the idea of the laser came from. Theidea for the laser c ...

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Essay required for admittance to a radiology tech program, containing observation experiences

achine, positioning a patient, and taking pictures of their bones, but come to find out there was a whole lot more to it.Radiology Technologists are everywhere from physician and dental offices to cli ...

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War on Iraq

Bush versus Saddam conflict affects our economy, society, citizens, politicians and the World as a whole. This conflict is just one of the many of thousands of political issues occurring in the World ... ust one of the many of thousands of political issues occurring in the World today. I have learned a whole lot from doing this research assignment. I never thought about the war in perspective, but as ...

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Pedal to the metal with reloaded Matrix.

The core of the original cast return with Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishbourne, Carrie-Anne Moss and a whole lot of Hugo Weavings taking their characters further as the story develops.Neo [Reeves] is The ... that level this is a great ride where the accelerator is given a real thumping.THere is of course a whole other level to the story it's one that has produced more than a few books and even university ...

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"The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry.

zed with their recently sold possession. In doing this, they didn't demonstrate that they thought a whole lot of the other person. Jim illustrated that he thought that Della's life was centered on her ...

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Sound of Music-Historical Review.

o rent a movie. I had seen the movie before, but I was very young at the time and didn't remember a whole lot of it. Probably because I fell asleep half way through the 3 hour movie. I have seen other ...

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Syllogistic Decision Making.

know about is what type of philosopher they actually were. Truth be told, most people do not know a whole lot about philosophy except for a group of names. Well there are many different ways that phil ...

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Creative writing, its a short story about a girl who is addicted to smoking.

moking and he knows all that. But why is he still smoking? Lolita Lee talks to him about that and a whole lot more.First, give us a brief history of Justin Mackenzie.Where do you get cigarettes?When I ...

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wooden beds. In their gentle climate, more substantial comforts were notneeded. But eternity last a whole lot longer than life. So the tombs of the kings neededto be durable and well-supplied. The tom ... o his people, they needed to be able to come andworship him. But if his body were accessible to the whole nation, the king and histreasures would be too accessible to robbers. So, instead they built a ...

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Analyzing the characters in the movie 'Ghost'. What do the artifacts and clothes they own say about them.

where you turn. Sometimes when you look at the things people own and what they wear, you can tell a whole lot about that person. In the 1990 movie Ghost, many things can be told about the characters, ...

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My opinion of Kotka, a small town in Finland. This is where I live.

for a young soccer player. Enough of soccer!If you aren't interested in sports, there is still a whole lot that you can do. Kotka has its own club for those who are interested in live role games. I ... nsit, 4,4 million ton was exported and 1,5 million ton was imported. The port stands for 32% of the whole export in Finland.If you're not interested in sports, ports or other activities you can alw ...

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Was the American revolution a British loss or an American Victory? More of a British loss, because of thier govermental, milatiristic, and economic blunders

as a great advantage for both sides. However, after the Declaration of Independence, England lost a whole lot more then the colonists had gained. England, which had been heralded as the most powerful ...

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"The middle isn't that great" several ways i think the middle-class gets screwed...

The Middle isn't That GreatI belong to a middleclass family. We're not poor, but we don't make a whole lot. Last year there was a tax return bonus for families with a certain income. We really need ...

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Crude Oil - Research on Products of Crude Oil and Waste Processes

s the years passed more and more piled up on the sea bed. Silt and sand piled up with them, and the whole lot was pressed firmly down by later layers over the centuries. The terrific pressure of these ...

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Truman Speaks An exclusive interview with Truman Burbank An Imaginary Interview from the Movie The Truman Show

g. What first made you think that something was wrong with your world?Truman: Well, actually, not a whole lot. It was just a feeling at first. Then I started to notice that things were too regular, ca ... scary too. I mean, how would you feel if you just found out for sure that everything you knew, your whole world, was fake, and the rest of the real world was watching you 24 hours a day?Me: Well, I gu ...

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The Australian Language

and in the world. Because of this, you would think the "land from down under" would be considered a whole new world to us; but in fact, there isn't a whole lot different about this country (or contine ...

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Nero Drusos Claudius Germanicus.

ust like the United States of America of today, Rome was a very powerful place cum nation. It had a whole lot of domain under her. In fact the Romans ruled and dominated the world. The Romans had powe ...

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