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Social intergration via Kinship

of Papua New Guinea, in the northern Kiriwina Island, is where the Trobrianders, studied by Anette Wiener(1988), live. Death in the Trobrianders is a momentous event full of mourning and economical o ... nization. The death of someone is a detailed example of how kinship can lead to social integrating. Wiener explains, ' The message of death spreads rapidly to other villages where the dead person has ...

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How Walk Whitman and His Work Portray True American Values

man. His unconventional, unique approach to poetry seems to resemble America's attitude about life (Wiener 12-13). He saw himself as a common and "rough" working man. Much like people's views of Ameri ... the epitome of all Americans. The speaker is a hard working, simple, and often an assertive person (Wiener 196-198).Whitman has shown himself to be "the spokesperson for women as well as men, blacks a ...

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, wie Wien als Ferienstadt dargestellt wird, ob die Klischees und Stereotype über Wien und die Wiener vorkommen und ob die Werbesprache für die Stadt durch eigenschaftlich ist.Untersuchungsg ... en und kommentieren.5.1 Frequenzliste "Adjektive": NumberWordCount (Frequency)Lemmas1wiener407Wiener (407)2erst203ersten (88), erst (52), erste (48), erster (15)3...

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