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Educating Rita - a description of the story and breakdown of characters

er home life, Rita should be totally serious and appear vulnerable as she opens up to Frank.I think Willy Russell was trying to prove that anything is possible and was trying show that you can make a ...

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The Relevance of Philosophy, essay about a Bertrand Russell extract

life. This theme is explored in many literary works and novels, e.g. Huxley's Brave New World, and Willy Russell's Educating Rita.Thirdly, there are prejudices derived from 'the habitual beliefs of o ...

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Our Day Out Essay

Willy Russell was born in 1947 at Whiston near Liverpool. His school career in the 'D-stream' was un ... king in several industrial jobs before deciding to return to full-time education. During this time, Willy Russell soon decided to become a dramatist whilst at St. Catherine's college. It was around th ... t government initiatives to focus on deprived areas have started being implemented.This leads us to Willy Russell's main purposes. His intention was to entertain his audience with a fine piece of come ...

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The Experience of summer school challenges Ritas views of the world. How does Willy Russell make this clear to the reader with his use of literary devices and the culture references in the play.

is for educated students. This idealistic view is quickly changed when she begins Open University. Willy Russell uses literary devices and cultural references to make the changes in Rita apparent. Ri ... but also to leave behind the people who don't believe in what you do, even if it is your own family.Willy Russel use many different devices to show the apparent change in Ritas personality, use of lan ...

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EDUCATING RITA: What themes are developed by Willy Russell in his play 'Educating' Rita, and how does he develop his characters to reflect those themes?

Educating Rita by Willy Russell explores the relationship between the two characters involved in the play, Frank and R ... of the audience would be middle class. However, although at the start they may identify with Frank, Willy Russell's intent as the two characters develop is to challenge the audience's attitudes toward ...

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In what ways is "Educating Rita" by Willy Russell effective as a play?

st important factors that make 'Educating Rita' so brilliant is the sparkling language of the play. Willy Russell uses humour and combines it with his sparkling script using two different kinds of spe ...

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Explain your ideas for staging the opening scene of 'Educating Rita'. Show how you think your ideas would be a good reflection of Russell's intention.

Willy Russell wrote this play and he was born near Liverpool. After leaving school, he trained to be ...

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"Educating Rita" a love story

To answer the question whether or not Willy Russell actually wrote a love story as he intended to do, I consider certain aspects. I find t ...

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Two Major Themes in Willy Russell's "Educating Rita".

In Willy Russell's Educating Rita, the issues of class inequalities and the choices of education are th ...

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How does Willy Russell portray the changing relationship between Rita and Frank in "Educating Rita"?

reluctant to teach her but soon sees her rare qualities and accepts the challenge of educating Rita.Willy Russell portrays the changing relationship through infrequent, but highly symbolic actions and ... e fact that she is doing it for her tutor symbolises the acceptance of 'bleeding education'.I think Willy Russell has successfully portrayed the changing relationship between Frank and Rita. He has sh ...

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Choose at least two scenes from the play, and explain how they illustrate how Rita changes as the play progresses.

Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, England, in 1947. He comes from a working class b ... to be more educated than her family and friends.'Educating Rita' was published in 1982, written by Willy Russell. The play tells the story of a university lecturer, Frank, and an undereducated Liverp ...

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Educating Rita

Educating Rita "Educating Rita"� by the playwright Willy Russell is a thought provoking play about the plight of a woman who does not want to face the ...

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Educating Rita

Russell - Educating Rita - Seite 1 | 2 Willy Russell Educating RitaEducating RitaEducating Rita Introduction The content What is the purpos ... e play Act I Act II Educating RitaEducating Rita was first performed in 1980; it was copyrighted by Willy Russell and firstly printed in 1981.The Content Basically, Educating Rita is about a 26-year-o ... trying to give Frank something back for all his teaching, cuts his hair.oben What is the purpose ? Willy Russell wrote Educating Rita mainly as a comedy. He wanted to write a funny play to be watched ...

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Shirley valentine

s new energy and in the picturesque Greek landscape the peace she has longed for. Like all plays by Willy Russell SHIRLEY VALENTINE demonstrates the attempt of a member of the working class to break t ... , intelligent and very touching play about the search for happiness. With only one actress on stage Willy Russell succeeds in creating a whole microcosm with dreamers and bores, with hope and frustrat ...

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Independent Rita

y for knowledge as a man could? All of these questions are raised and answered in Educating Rita by Willy Russell. Rita is a young married woman aching to learn about literature, not for the sole purp ...

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Comedies often contain satirical elements. How far do you think that Educating Rita can be seen as a satire?

ldn't have understood it; however she now finds things funny that the middle class would find funny.Willy Russell uses satirical methods to get across the comical theme of Educating Rita and the use o ...

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n as 'An address to the next generation' this can be witnessed in the play 'Educating Rita' (ER) by Willy Russell and the poem 'Easy does it' by Bruce Dawe.In ER, Rita's personal goal is to leave her ... with her personal issues in life involving her husband Denny. "He wants to take life away from me" Willy Russell uses emotive language and hyperbole to explain that education has brought conflictions ...

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