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Inventing the Airplane

ir first test flights at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on the shores of the Atlantic where the strong winds helped to launch the gliders and the soft sands helped to cushion the fall when they crashed. ... lift nor were they fully controllable. So during the winter of 1901-1902 Wilbur and Orville built a wind tunnel and conducted experiments to determine the best wing shape for an airplane. This enabled ...

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Legally Blonde Too: Questioning the Aporia Surrounding the Intelligence of Elle Woods

What do you call ten blondes standing ear to ear? A wind tunnel. What do you call a blonde with half a brain? Gifted. Blonde stereotypes have been circu ... the legal executives of the company she currently works for in hopes of gaining their backing. She winds up getting fired because her views on animal testing are contradictory to the firms. However, ...

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Pitot and ThA Lab

ODUCTION The purpose of the experiment was to measure the velocity profiles of air moving through a wind tunnel using a Pitot-static probe, a static ring manometer, and a thermal anemometer on August ... tatic ring manometer measured the atmospheric and static pressures at the same locations across the wind tunnel test section. The thermal anemometer was used to measure the velocity and root mean squa ...

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