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This essay is a review on the play "The Why" by Victor Kaufold.

The Why The San Joaquin Memorial production of The Why, I thought was a great success. The cast, crew, and director all did an amazing job in br ... hed it as it did me. The part about the play that I enjoyed was the way the scenes were sort of scattered. It wasn't just one continuous story from start to finish. There were news clips, and R ... order sometimes varied but the overall idea I think was to present a boy's situation from all sides of the story. His own, the media, the students, civilians, & professionals. It was almost like a ...

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How Money Changes The Way We Think And Behave

th (and the pursuit of it) has been linked with immoral behavior -- and not just in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street. Psychologists who study the impact of wealth and inequality on human behavior h ...

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Very Very VERY Short History of Motion Picture

prominent film director known for his classics such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and The Wolf of Wall Street. However, when Scorsese is not directing movies he becomes a film historian, whi ...

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Plato's Thoughts on Poetry from The Republic

xanderTexts & Ideas: This World and the NextEssay Prompt #69/18/2014Plato's Condemnation of The Wolf of Wall StreetIn the Republic, Plato outlines and justifies his reasons for banishing poetry in ... ulated and influenced by poetry, and this fear is validated by the recent Hollywood blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street. This film appeals to the desiring part of the soul which Plato deems must be co ...

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