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A formal analysis of the famous UT austin tower and main building. (excellent for art history classes. guaranteed).

came funded by oil. Paul Philippe Cret, who had a history of havingcontributed 19 structures to the world of architecture, was the last and final architectemployed to design the main building and the ...

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"Gothic Architecture in France" This paper talks about the Abbey of St. Denis, the Chartres Cathedral, Amiens Cathedral, Abbot Suger, Robert Luzarches, with quotes from Scholar H.W. Janson, etc.

ndred years (12th-14th century), it was long enough to voyage deeper into the beautiful and complex world of architecture. These contributions revolutionized the building habits throughout the Europea ... nted "to create a formal symbol worthy of God." Basically, he was striving for a look that was otherworldly. Amiens is a great example of elegant and grandiose Gothic form.After the 14th century, peop ...

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Gothic Architecture Key Contribution from the Middle Ages

hundred years (12th-14th century), it was long enough to voyage deep into the beautiful and complex world of architecture. These contributions revolutionized the building habits of the time, as well a ... s, have a profound influence on the social, religious and political culture throughout the European world. This essay will provide a brief history of the Gothic Era and detail the essential elements o ...

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This is about Arghitectual Engineering, it goes from ancient times to modern times which includes Frank Lloyd Wright. It has some immense vocabulary words. Check it out

ess himself through adapting and manipulating nature, which has created a fascinating legacy in the world of architecture. Architecture has been allowed to evolve only through the advances in technolo ... d.Wrights first success was in the field of private houses called prairie houses, which brought him worldwide credit. Wright used technology advances and making them affordable for the average homeown ...

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Architecture Set In Motion

The "English" garden is one of the greatest gifts that English designers have contributed to the world of architecture, and the gardens that surround the Stourhead estate in Wiltshire England are m ... the garden is a place to break the rules, and Stourhead has architectural samples from all over the world incorporated into the landscape as temples, grottoes, and classical statues together with a Ch ...

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The architectural movement in the twentieth century

the transition in the architectural movement from Art Nouveau to Post-Modernism show the beautiful world of architecture in this time period.2.1 Art Nouveau & Art DecoArt Nouveau was the first st ... ic patterns.(Wolf, n.d) However, Art Nouveau was short lived for the style ended by the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914 which outburst the style of Art Deco in the 1920's. (Howarth, 1990) The style li ...

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