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The Trickster - Karl Jung archetype.

sters are bound by certain characteristics no matter what religion they show up in. Anthropologists would argue that each trickster should be evaluated in it's own cultural setting, but in order to se ... tting, but in order to see their archetypal value they must be and can be evaluated as a group.Jung would say he is a manifestation of our own collective unconscious. Evidence to support such a claim ...

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Healing Health Care

new cures and treatments springing into our clinics and homes at an unprecedented rate. Only a fool would argue that these advances are not helping millions, but the costs inherent with these new reme ... llions, but the costs inherent with these new remedies make them inaccessible to many Americans who would benefit greatly from them. From 1971 to 1991 the price of health related goods and services cl ...

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Utilitarianism, Principles of Mill's utilitarianism with application to "Crime and Punishment" well-organized and good grip on Mill's theory

he negative consequences of murdering his old landlady against the positive benefits that her money would bestow onto society. However, a true follower of utilitarianism would be outraged at Raskolnik ... ecessary considerations in his moral "equation" that do not adhere to utilitarianism. A utilitarian would argue that Raskolnikov has not reached an acceptable solution because he has not accurately so ...

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Cold War vs. United States

ld peace does not mean that United States should increase its military strength. The Realist theory would argue that military strength is important to maintain peace both domestically and internationa ... y to invade Iraq after the U.S led coalition force expelled Iraq's force in Kuwait. Another example would be when Iraq's government massacred thousand of ethic minority Kurds when the Kurds rebelled a ...

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Not So Hidden Agendas, Wilfred Owen and His Early Editors

itors that Wilfred Owen and his poetry were not forgotten on the bloody fields of France. Indeed, I would argue that the three earliest editions of Owen's poems (Siegfried Sassoon and Edith Sitwell, 1 ... rote to Captain Sassoon, to ask him if he couldhelp me about them. He came to see me; and told meit would have been your son's wish that (Sassoon)should see to the publication of the poems, becausethe ...

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Pros and Cons of Judicail review

his is one of the sole purposes of the Supreme Court of the United States. Many Historical thinkers would find some difficulty in imagining a government set up to limit the power of itself,but others ... e to look back at the ideas and thoughts of some of the greatest political thinkers of our time, we would find that individuals such as Plato, Niccolo Machiavelli, and John Locke, would share extremel ...

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Leadership: Creativity and Innovation Leaders know in their gut that creativity and innovation are the life blood of their organization.

grams that are superior to those that are already going on or planned in the organization and which would have been divested or never initiated had a better idea or program come along. So, the mission ... staff to be more creative and innovative.Creativity CAN Be Stimulated by LeadersThere are many who would challenge the implicit assumption that leaders can do anything to foster creativity. They woul ...

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Sir John Alexander Macdonald

John Alexander Macdonald: A Good Role Model?A role model can be looked up upon and imitated. Many would argue that Sir John A. Macdonald is not someone of this stature, but I have different opinions ...

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Is T.V. Harming America?

proceedings, the Clarence Thomas hearings and several other pivotal news stories that we otherwise would not have had such access to without television.Children's shows run the gamut from programs su ... television.Children's shows run the gamut from programs such as Power Rangers to Sesame Street. Few would argue that shows such as Sesame Street and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood are damaging our youth. Wi ...

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This is an essay about the issues surrounding Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "Herland", such as Male and Female Gender Role Identity.

There are many different ways to define the words Sex and Gender. Some would argue that the two words are synonyms, that one is just a more or less politically correct con ... re synonyms, that one is just a more or less politically correct configuration of the other. Others would argue that they describe different aspects of male and female characteristics. A person's Sex ... gnate a place in the dichotomy between the biological makeup of males and females, and their gender would assign a role based on the norms of masculinity and femininity. For distinctive purposes, thes ...

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Life In The Franco Regime

Many would argue that Franco should never have been enabled to come to power.After all, he was a born int ... l be the working classes or the labourers, thepoorest social group in Spanish society. Naturally it would seem that most of thelabourers would be against a nationalist authoritarian government, especi ... o regime was important, obviously for the economyand for stability. It seems that the Franco regime would be compatible with thebeliefs of the businessmen because both wanted a stable economy. Indeed ...

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Democracy Debate

ratic Government, which provides high standards of living for most all of its citizens. Some people would argue that America has been so prosperous because it is one of the only nations in the world w ... al equality, and liberty all require a supportive economic and social environment, which I believe, would be achieved more easily through a reform of our system to allow more than two parties to hold ...

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Argumentative essay arguing that the election of Jefferson in 1800 was not a "revolutionary" change.

Revolution of 1800Many would argue that Jefferson's election in 1800 was a "revolution" of sorts, however, there is little ...

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This piece is arguing why classic literature should not be read so often by younger children, as they don't appreciate the full values of it, and how it can be useless to modern-day society.

children don't appreciate and enjoy them, they are not as likely to do as well in an essay as they would if they were reading a modern-day book; also children can relate to modern literature more so ... ern literature more so than classic because they will have been bought up in modern society. People would argue that children should readclassic literature because it teaches them what life use to be ...

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Some leaders of the Early Women's Movement and their roles

Mary believed said that men considered women morally and mentally inferior to themselves. She also would argue that women could live happy, creative lives if they had a better education.The first Ame ... they had a better education.The first American woman to publicly support higher Education for women would be Emma Willard. Her efforts advanced the movements in the United States. Emma started teachin ...

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The modern production of "The Taming of the Shrew"

used were pots, cushions and candles, in keeping with the theme.An original Elizabethan production would have had none of these features; The actors would perform on a blank stage, in daylight, as no ... the scene, which is why much of Shakespeare's writing is dedicated to elaborate creation of place.I would argue that the title statement is untrue, with specific relation to Shakespearian work. The mo ...

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Why people gravitate towards evil.

and they are nature (biological factors) versus nurture (environmental factors). The nature theory would suggest that certain people would gravitate towards evil because there is something in their b ... their biological make-up that causes them to behave this way. On the other hand, the nurture theory would argue that if a person grew up in a bad environment, they would behave in an undesirable manne ...

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Racism In America : Democracy.

erspective on this significant event. While triumphant academics have called this event powerful, I would argue that Racism In America was in fact monumental. This claim is confirmed by three triumpha ... ationalism Depression. Without Racism In America it is unlikely that the Ottoman Depression of 1913 would have been successful. Dubiously political scientists recognize that the two are intertwined.In ...

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"Secret Sharer" by Joseph Conrad.

analyzing the book as a psychological study of self identification. Through out the years, scholars would argue that Leggatt was a just a figment of the Captain's imagination."The story is a drama of ...

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The impact of the Spanish Civil War on George Orwell.

Few would argue that experiencing the harsh realities that one is confronted with in wartime would chang ... hting and dying against Franco's fascists. This is hardly the approach a fascist fifth column force would have taken in this historical context. Nevertheless, there were far more outreaching implicati ... illusionment, as clearly there was added concern over how prone many historians were to what Orwell would define as 'mistakes.' Orwell arrived at this conclusion after pondering how much the primary h ...

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