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popular culture is superficial, formula-based, mass produced for cheapness and standardised. Using examples, explore the strengths and weaknesses of this argument.The growing presence and popularity o ... s and weaknesses of this argument.The growing presence and popularity of Reality TV is the perfect example of the dumbing down of popular culture in recent years. Viewers derive their entertainment fr ...

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The charlie barber treatment -

e Barber Treatment" is written by Carole Lloyd. It is about a boy called Simon whose mother dies unexpectedly. He is very upset and unable to get over his mum. When he meets Charlie Barber she really ... he meets Charlie Barber she really cheers him up. Charlie has a big effect on Simon. Charlie is a sixteen-year-old girl who is staying with her Gran for the week. We first meet Charlotte when S ...

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behind. ''Sometimes, when things aren't going your way you don't want to think about it.''Winning six of nine periods doesn't amount to anything. You've still got to make good shots to beat him. We ha ... You've still got to make good shots to beat him. We have to find a way. We don't want him to be the X factor. He doesn't seem to get real agitated. He just seems to do everything right. Right now, he ...

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Industry Analysis: Music Industry; Recording

nsing of master recordings. The music industry is one in which a five major companies have enjoyed exclusivity for some time now. The current macro-environment is one that is filled with differing tec ... s or offer customers more value in their products, pushing industry profits down in the process.The x factor in the recording industry was that of Internet access in which their product could be essen ...

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Paradigm Shifts in Cancer Treatment and Research

tant, if not more important, than either of the two fields of study. Almost every radiation device, X-ray machine, or any other type of imaging device was developed by a physicist. Without these devic ... physicist. Without these devices it would be almost impossible to detect cancer, let alone treat it.X-rays were first developed in 1896 by the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen where "X" stood ...

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x factor

Political ideology and readings on the xfactorHello I'm sure you have heard of the X factor? One of britians most watched tv programmes. Pe ... tv programmes. Perhaps one of your relatives was on it? Who knows. But did you ever wonder what the xfactor is really about? Apart from knowing it's a 'luck shot' show…well im going to be telli ... ng it's a 'luck shot' show…well im going to be telling you the different theories related to x factor in this essay. You will be surprised.Firstly we all watch x factor for our own desires or u ...

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