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rews who brought them out of Egypt in Exodus, around 1250 BC. He made the covenant between them and Yahweh at Sinai. He also guided them through the desert to the borders of Canaan. The Bible says he ... o told him about an improved judicial system. Moses went back to Egypt to confront the pharaoh with Yahweh's demand. This led to a long struggle. There were ten plagues, the tenth one killed all the f ...

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A detailed overview of Jezebel from the bible.

e she used her charm and manipulated others to achieve her ends. She didn't worship the Hebrew God, Yahweh, but worshipped her own god Baal, and goddess, Asherah. This created a conflict between Jezeb ... ligion and follow Ahab's. She not only continues to practice her own, but also tries to convert the Yahweh prophets and when they do not convert, she murders them. This takes power and audacity to com ...

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Saul, A Deeper Look Into Israel's First "Mortal" King."

ael. He was chosen after the Israelites, God's people, had lost faith in the protection provided by Yahweh and started to look to themselves for help. This paper will take a quick look at Saul's backg ... aul went ahead with the sacrifice, it was Samuel's duty to rebuke him and inform him of the will of Yahweh. Saul did not learn his lesson to well, because later when Samuel told him what to do he stil ...

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The fear of God in its true sense.

s to revere or respect someone with great power.The book of Proverbs makes it clear that the awe of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom, an awe equated with the "knowledge of the Holy One" (Prov 9:10; 1 ...

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Religious Beliefs of the Ancient Mesopotamians and the Hebrews.

s had an ethical and moral view about religion, they believed in Monotheism, the belief in one god, Yahweh. The Hebrews "demythicized nature"(40) in that there were no gods in nature. They believed go ... the Hebrews held was that of optimism, they lived happier more fulfilling lives. Their beliefs that Yahweh was a god of mercy, goodness and "was attentive to human needs," (40) and because of this the ...

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Islam VS Catholism

nd Catholics are monotheists, believing in the same god, referred to as "Allah" by the Muslims and "Yahweh" or simply "God" by Catholics. In this sense Islam and Catholicism are considerably intertwin ...

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Jeremiah Chapter 1: A Detailed Exegesis

Jeremiah; often thought of as a 'gloomy' prophet was called by Yahweh to be his messenger for the people. Many people of Jeremiah's time called themselves prophets ... ople of Jeremiah's time called themselves prophets, often speaking form their own hearts and not of Yahweh's but Jeremiah is noted amongst a few as a true prophet. The first chapter of the book of Jer ... ter of the book of Jeremiah looks at his context and historical background, and his commission from Yahweh. For him, it was signs that Yahweh placed in his everyday life that led Jeremiah to become a ...

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Judaism - sacred stories including parables

, the Jewish people described Creation. The first told of a vast abyss of chaotic waters into which Yahweh (Jewish name for God) had brought order; he had fashioned a light-filled earth on which human ... e. It began not with watery chaos but with a desert, barren and trackless. Creation took place when Yahweh introduced water to the desert, so making clay. The Yahweh fashioned a human being, Adam, fro ...

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History of the Hebrews

eir beliefs. Although the Hebrews often experienced difficulty in their quest to worship their god, Yahweh, and to become a united people, their belief in Yahweh allowed them to hold out hope that one ... e Egypt. During their journey through Sinai, Moses united them and sparked their belief in one god, Yahweh, as opposed to the multiple gods that the Egyptians and Mesopotamians believed existed. They ...

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Chronicles 1 and 2: My Continued Struggle to Prove how the Bible is based on Lies.

of the sons of Saul and Jonathan were Esh-baal and Merib-baal despite the fact that both worshipped Yahweh. So problematic is this fact that the editors changed their names in 2Sam.ii.8 & ix.6.x.1 ... rd, but in 1Sam.xxviii.6 it says that he did. More glaringly is its assertion that because of this, Yahweh slew him which is contradicted three times in the Bible, each giving a different account.xi.5 ...

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The Book of Job- Theological issues and doubts through each verse.

probably a gentile book translated for a Hebrew audience; Job does not know the Israelite name for Yahweh and he himself comes from northern Arabia. The whole purpose of the book apparently is to exp ... f valid theosophical questions is not to bother asking.i.6-12: Satan is presented here literally as Yahweh's right-hand man who works for him.i.7: God asks where Satan has been lately (apparently God ...

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The Book of Psalms- My own personal commetary and refutation.

PSALMSii.7&12: This verse would suggest that Yahweh merely adopted Jesus. The KJV erroneously capitalises the word Son to suggest it refers to hi ... te to This psalm is almost identical to the words given to David in 2Sam.XXII where Yahweh again is referred to as a storm-god.xviii.7: Whenever God is really angry the earth shakes.xv ... usual, the word mighty is a mistranslation for the gods who in this psalm are being told to praise Yahweh.ixxx.6: Another reference to the existence of unicorns.ixxx.8:xxx.9: A denial of any form of ...

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ut unlike the other two it was monotheistic meaning that they only worshipped one god, this god was Yahweh. This came about with the sealing of the covenant between the Hebrews and Yahweh at Mount Sin ... brews and Yahweh at Mount Sinai. The covenant declared that if the Hebrews promised only to worship Yahweh as their only god and to live by his laws, Yahweh would in turn make them his chosen people a ...

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The Book of Jeremiah and his Lamentations- the trouble with his bowels and other such Biblical nonsense, verse-by-verse.

JEREMIAHIn this book Yahweh is in a bad mood throughout. He's constantly smiting and destroying anyone who irritates him ... the Amighty Jeremiah can take no more and cries out "My bowels! My bowels!".i.10: This assertion by Yahweh didn't exactly happen, unless one considers the Palestinians today, but then they aren't exac ... in mind Isaiah who advises his people to do just that! Which one then is the 'true' prophet?ii.36: Yahweh asking Jeremiah why he's such a complainer.iii.8: Going through all the necessary red-tape fi ...

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Ezekiel- A verse-by-verse personal critique.

ng god is depicted here, for even a righteous man will have a stumblingblock put in front of him by Yahweh who will not remember the righteousness which he hath done.iii.24-26: God makes Ezekiel tied ... d to here is Adonis of the Greek myths whose death was wept for in rites conducted by women.ix.4-6: Yahweh ordering his people to slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women ...

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The Book Of Judith And The Jewish Cannon

th from the Jewish canon suggests that the Jewish canon excludes stories that that do not deal with Yahweh directly, or are not from Yahweh himself (Gabel, Wheeler and York 196). The Book of Judith, l ... Greek work applied by Jerome meaning "hidden"� (Gabel, Wheeler and York 202), does not have Yahweh contacting any of the characters in the story, nor does the story in any direct way pay homag ...

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Book Of J

d "outrageous" accounts, one of which is the creation story. In J's version, the warrior-like Yahweh battles and defeats a sea serpent, while in P's (Priestly) vision Yahweh is an omniscient and ... of Judaism and Christianity is nothing but edited whimsical fiction. In J's strand of the Genesis, Yahweh is portrayed anthropomorphically, with human physical attributes and personality. The child-l ...

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According to the text, what are some of the fundamental elements of civilization?

rent peoples: the Greeks.In the Hebrew laws boys were circumcised as a mark of the covenant between Yahweh and his people. In addition, Jews observed strict dietary laws that separated them from other ... Jews was the injunction against worshiping the idols, or deities, of their neighbors. A jealous god,Yahweh demanded exclusive worship. ...

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The Prophet Hosea

came unto Hosea (5).Hosea had a job, which was to remind Israel of the agreement they made with Yahweh under the covenant made at Sinai. In doing so, Hosea went in front of all the people to accen ... i. In doing so, Hosea went in front of all the people to accentuate that they were in marriage with Yahweh, which was a metaphor to show the relationship Yahweh had desired for the people of Israel (2 ...

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stic is considered to be the final stage of evolution for Judaism. This is the belief in one God or Yahweh.The Jewish people believe they are the Chosen Ones of God. They believe this due to a special ... e believe they are the Chosen Ones of God. They believe this due to a special pact between them and Yahweh. The pact simply states that the Jewish people must live their life by the law given to them ...

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