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Shadow Blade (creative writing) Narrative

assignment, killed the wrong person. He had been commissioned a job to kill a powerful enemy of the Yakuza, but this powerful enemy had had powerful friends, and now they demanded payback - in blood. ... and went home. He would be facing another threat just like them tomorrow. Such was the duty of the Yakuza's hired killer.Word Count: 768 wordPatrick Whyntie

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Paper on the Yakuza, its origins and schemes

Yakuza: Samurai Misfits, Gambling Degenerates and other Assorted RuffiansBy Will DonovanAmerica has ... ong Kong and Taiwan have the Tong. These are all old, powerful crime organizations. . Japan has the Yakuza. We will explore the Yakuza, from their origins, to their operations and their current day si ... ill explore the Yakuza, from their origins, to their operations and their current day situation.The Yakuza can trace their origins back to as early as 1612, when people known as the Kabuki-mono("crazy ...

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SONATINE(ANALISIS SECUENCIA FINAL)TAKESHI KITANO Sonatine, Takeshi Kitano's Movie Final Sequenti Analysis

KitanoMúsica Original: Joe HisaishiArgumentoTakeshi Kitano (Aniki Murakawa), un jefe de los Yakuza es enviado por su organización en misión como mediadores a Okinawa, pues el cla ... supuestamente hay en Okinawa, es simplemente una excusa inventada por el cabecilla de la familia de Yakuzas a la que pertenece Murakawa, la intención es acabar con el clan Nakamatsu y a su vez ...

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How have the Yakuza and the Triads been permitted to flourish?

In much the same way as legitimate businesses, Japan’s Yakuza and China’s Triads have been able to flourish because they target local conditions and c ... or the success and growth of organised crime in these regions. This paper will demonstrate that the Yakuza and the Triads have been encouraged to flourish under these country-specific factors, and als ... breach of contract, Japanese law makes it notoriously difficult for landlords to evict tenants. The Yakuza subsequently take advantage of this lack of flexibility, enabling them to participate in the ...

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Mara Salvatrucha Gang vs. Japanese Yakuza Gang

his would be in the beginning of each organization and how they got their start. The Japanese group Yakuza has a strong foundation for their organization, from what I have read they date back as long ... lack members. (Valdez, 2000)Each gang is known for their own unique style of criminal activity, the Yakuza gang seems to have gotten an upper-hand so to speak, and has its gangster members run for gov ...

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The Rise of Criminal Organizations in Globalized Era

oups of international organized crime are the mafias (Sicilian, American and Russian), the Japanese Yakuza, the Colombian drug cartels of Medellin and Cali and the Chinese triads3; many of which have ... Medellin and Cali and the Chinese triads3; many of which have long standing alliances.The Japanese Yakuza are among the world's largest and most powerful criminal confederations. The Yakuza are highl ...

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