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"The Rape of Nanking," by Iris Chang.

ditches big enough to bury seven to eight thousand corpses. Many bodies were simply dumped into the Yangtze River.After the prisoners were killed, the Japanese then turned their attention to the women ...

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The most important natural landmark in China

on the Himalayas is the very beginning of the two main arteries of China-- the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. The Yellow River is the cradle of the Chinese civilization and considered the "Mother ... is the cradle of the Chinese civilization and considered the "Mother River" of Chinese people. The Yangtze River is the third longest river in the world and has great importance of irrigation, transp ...

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The Three Gorges Dam - Disaster or end to Disaster?

The Three Gorges Dam - Disaster or End to Disaster?The Three Gorges Dam, on the Yangtse River in China, is probably one of the largest and most ambitious building projects ever undertaken. ... e on the world's biggest building site, creating a reservoir that will stretch back 660km along the river. The scope of the dam, and everything about it, is enormous. The impact of the dam will be col ... s, improvements in navigation on the Yangtse, and greater control over floodwaters and flooding downriver.Cheap Hydroelectric power could be a very good thing for China, a country that has relied heav ...

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Assess the sustainability of China's energy usage using examples...

d-1990s due to the large deposits of coal that made up nearly 1/5 of the worlds total. South of the Yangtze River production is lower than other parts, but not as little as in the mountainous western ... wer grids, 35 power plants of which 26 were thermal, 7 hydroelectric (largest being Gezhouba on the Yangtze) and 2 nuclear.More recently China has taken several major changes in an attempt to be more ...

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Ancient Chinese Geography

estern to eastern direction:·The Huang He which is also known as the Yellow River·The Yangtze which is also known as the Chang JiangThe Huang He river system is about 3,000 miles long. T ... en it floods the land, it kills many people and destroys crops. Without food to eat, people die.The Yangtze River is the longest in China, and the third longest river in the world. It is about 3, 964 ...

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FACTS ABOUT CHINA I got 115% on this paper.

st rivers are entirely in China: the Yellow River, known for its flood and its yellow silt; and the Yangtze River (3,940 miles long). Only the Nile River and the Amazon River are longer than the Yangt ...

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Pro China Three Dams Project- political POV

and towns, and that the electricity created will eventually pay for itself. The rapid waters of the Yangtze will be calmed down when the lock system is installed, making shipping faster, cheaper and s ...

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Three gorges dam

lion people. This is because the proposed 185 meter high and two thousand meter wide dam across the Yangtze river (the 3rd largest river in the world) will cerate a four hundred-mile long man made lak ... hey need, threatening the livelihoods of 75 million people who live by fishing or farming along the Yangtze's banks." The dam will also will kill endangered fish, the Chinese alligator, the river dolp ...

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Business proposal:Financial Support for Upgrading of Hospital

n Tumors' Located on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and straddling the region which connects the middle and western parts of China. The po ...

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Three Gorges Dam.

n virtually any other single construction project in history. The idea of building a dam across the Yangtze river to control flooding and to and to harness it for hydropower has been the dream of seve ... ildlife. In addition to massive fish species, it will also affect endangered species, including the Yangtze dolphin, the Chinese Sturgeon, the Chinese Tiger, the Chinese Alligator, the Siberian Crane, ...

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Essay outlining a case of support for the Three Gorges Dam project in China. Writing uses support and reactions to the PBS documentary on the 3 Gorges Dam.

eavy depletion of non-renewable resources like oil, and will reduce pollution.In addition, when the Yangtze River floods, the repercussions are disastrous. The material states, "In 1998 flooding in th ... e process save peoples lives and homes. According to the documentary, "In the past 2,000 years, the Yangtze River experienced 215 catastrophic floods." Millions lose their homes every year, and thousa ...

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Baiji Dolphin

Hidden in the murky waters of the Yangtze River in China dwells an ancient species of dolphin unchanged by 20 million years of evoluti ... easingly difficult because of pollution in the water.Once considered as a protective goddess of the Yangtze and cherished in ancient myths as a galloping white horse capable of flying across lakes and ... ysiology and ecology; and to conduct a census and evaluate the dolphin's chances of survival in the Yangtze. During the following decade, provincial and central government bureaus passed conservation ...

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Area Study: 2 Case Studies of Areas around China's Three Gorges Dam, using a Political Ecology Approach.

Village, Yichang County, in the Hubei Province. The TGDP site was selected at Sandouping, along the Yangtze River, after about 15 other sites were studied, for construction of the main Xiling Gorge. T ... e upstream of the dam. As well, the small islet of Zhongbaodao near the right hand side bank of the Yangtze River will be helpful for the river diversion project. Apart from the Xiling gorge, two othe ...

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China's Environmental Problems

serious problem. Tree cutting has been blamed for the soil erosion and flooding occurring along the Yangtze River. During the last five years, Chinese loggers annually exceeded logging quotas by an av ...

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Ancient China Comparison Essay

wards the fact that they blocked others beliefs, goods, and territories. For example, China had the Yangtze River, which ran through the mountains of their territories. Which made them not depend on o ...

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Opium Wars

58, Great Britain and France forced our government to sign then Tientsin treaties, which opened the Yangtze River to foreign ships and legalized the opium trade.For great amount of time, we were in tu ...

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Three Gorges Dam

dam, it's important to analyze the history of the dam to gain a common understanding. The idea of a Yangtze dam originated from a wise man named Sun Yatsen and was the first to suggest the idea in 191 ... posite facets of a greater whole'.There is growing concern about the endangered species in the Yangtze as well. The dam may the cause of the extinction of the Yangtze dolphin. Having lived on Ear ...

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Three gorges dam

Three Gorges refers to a 120-mile stretch of limestone cliffs along the upper reaches of the Yangzi River where the water drops precipitously through the Qutang, Wu, and Xiling gorges. The region is l ... s expected to be completed by 2009. It will create a 385 mile-long reservoir stretching back up the river that will totally engulf the Three Gorges, as well as 115,000 acres of rich farmland, thirteen ...

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Han Dynasty         During the 426-year span of the Han dynasty

e began to expand into territories of what is now known as Korea. He later added areas south of the Yangtze River and parts in present day Vietnam. During Wu Di's rule, came the Silk Road, around 100 ...

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rice history

re two places that scientist have kept on arguing about, the Pearl River valley region of China and Yangtze River valley in China." (FAOSTAT). Rice originated in Asia and later it was introduced Europ ...

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