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Synthesis of Asprin

f Acetic anhydride = 2.0 mlMass of Aspirin = 0.425 gMelting Point Range = 115- 122 0COBSERVATIONS:% Yield of Aspirin = [actual yield/ theoretical yield] x 100Mass of Obtained Aspirin = 0.425 g% Yield ... irin = 0.425 g% Yield of Aspirin = [0.425 / 1.008] x 100 = 42.16 %Aspirin was obtained in a 42.16 % Yield from salicylic acid. Relatively pure white crystals of Aspirin were obtained. The purity was t ...

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Lab Repot of Decomposition Reaction Between Iron and Copper (II) Chloride

ill be:2Fe (Ш) + 3CuCl2 (aq) → 3Cu + 2FeCl2In addition, we will need to find the percent yield of copper. Percent yield is a measure of the mass of what was produced ("experimental yield") ... produced ("experimental yield") divided by the mass of what should have been produced ("theoretical yield"). Hence, the equation will be:Percent yield= experimental yieldtheoretical yieldWe will need ...

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Inorganic and Organic Chemistry(CP4006) - Preparation and Recrystallisation of Aspirin

ove the impurities.The aspirin harvested at the end of the experiment was 1.19g with the percentage yield of 37.8%. The melting point observed from the product ranged from 133°C to 137°C.Intro ... stallised product was cooled in a desiccator for 5-10 minutes and was weighted.vii. The theoretical yield of aspirin expected from 2.4 grams of salicylic acid was calculated. The percentage yield for ...

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Analytical and Physical Chemistry: Gravimetric Analysis

22 x 10-3 moles∴ Mass of SO42- = (4.8022 x 10-3 moles) (96)= 0.4610 g CompoundTheoretical Yield (g)Actual Yield (g)Percent YieldSO42-0.46100.189741.15%According to Table ... ding to Table 1, the sulphate ion produced was only 0.1897 g instead of 0.4610 g and the percentage yield was only 41.15%. This proved that there were experimental errors which could have occurred dur ...

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Preparing of Aspirin

hen melting point of the product was determined in order to check the purity of aspirin.Theoretical yield of aspirin expected from 2.4g of salicylic acid was calculated to be 3.15g. With the actual yi ... ic acid was calculated to be 3.15g. With the actual yield that was measured to be 0.99g, percentage yield could be calculated, which was 31.43% yield. Temperature range for the melting point was 138.6 ...

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The yield from an acid-carbonate reaction

The yield from an acid-carbonate reaction.IntroductionAcids such as hydrochloric acid (HCl) react readil ... from the balanced equation of the reaction, it is possible to predict the mass of gas released (the yield).AimIn this activity students will learn that the amount of product from a chemical reaction c ... ned, within the limits of experimental error. The mole concept is used to calculate the theoretical yield of carbon dioxide, which is in turn used to calculate the percentage efficiency of the reactio ...

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