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Effects of Child abuse.

Child abuse devastates many lives. Chris Crutcher, the celebrated young adult fiction writer, addresses this issue in many of his works (Artists and Authors). As a former teacher ... or help and support ( conclusion, Chris Crutcher faces child abuse head on in his fiction for young adults. He inspires his readers to recognize the problem, and be prepared if they ...

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"Tomorrow When the War Began" by John Marsden

"Tomorrow, When the War Began" by John Marsden (a young adult fiction novel) is the first of the "Tomorrow" series. One of the seven characters, Ellie Linton - a ...

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Robert Cormier

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The Giver

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Young Adult Fiction author Katherine Paterson cast her female characters in her novel "Lyddie".

nty-first Century female readers can relate?Katherine Paterson is an American author of young adult fiction novels. Her novel Lyddie, published in 1991, is written from a historical perspective and th ... ers and relate to their personal experiences. This is a difficult task to achieve with a historical fiction novel set one-hundred and fifty years in the past and set in a country on the other side of ...

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What distinctions can be drawn between sentiment and sentimentality in literature for young adults? Discuss with reference to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

When we look at Young Adult Literature or fiction as it is commonly referred to, we are cast upon fantastic journeys, adventures, new understa ... urneys, adventures, new understandings and realisations that we would not come across in children's fiction, and that may not have been explored in Adult Fiction. Such books as the Harry Potter series ... e handedly improved the literature need and want of our younger generations. Such genres of Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedic, Mystery and Fantasy have claimed the enthusiasm of many teenag ...

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The Giver Essay - Film vs. Novel

Rikki Romana October 2nd, 2014The Giver Essay - Film vs. NovelOn August 15, 2014, the science fiction film "The Giver" based on the novel with the same name, was released in movie theatres world ...

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essay about girl

erature? Retrieved on February 24, 2013 from characteristics-young-adult-4226787.html

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